13 Best Sandpaper for Wood: (Reviews & Buying Guide 2022)

Your search for the best sandpaper for wood has been made easier with today’s guide. And over 100 leading sandpapers around the market, my top picks will include a variety of wood sandpaper types.

Whether you have Ortibal Sander or the mouse sander, or even with none, I have the types to recommend.

So I ensured my list of the best wood sandpapers will not lack on types that are recognizable with different kinds of sanders. And mostly, the backing material should be identified for the specific purpose of use.

Thereupon, this list of handpicks is perfect for any wood surface. And it’s already said in the title, YES!

Image Name Editor’s Rating Price
Assorted Grit Sandpaper for Wood


4.5 out of 5

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3M 2000 Grit Imperial Wet/Dry Wood Sandpaper


4 out of 5

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Assorted Grit 3M General Purpose Sandpaper


4 out of 5

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Wet-Dry Sandpaper for Wood Finishing


4.5 out of 5

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3M Assorted Grit Sandpaper Sheet


4 out of 5

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Coceca Assorted Grit Wet Dry Sandpaper


4.5 out of 5

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Best Sandpaper for Wood: Reviews

Now, there are lots of sandpapers that would work pretty well on a wooden surface. And for you, we have shortened the choice with a list of handpicked wood sandpapers of different types. These include –

  1. Flat Sandpapers
  2. Sanding Belts
  3. Sanding Discs
  4. Mouse sander sandpapers

I hope you will end up choosing a suitable type for your project and so let’s jump on to the reviews.


1. Assorted 3M General Purpose Wood Sandpaper Sheets

Just like the name suggests, this product can be used for general purpose sanding needs. 3M General purpose sandpaper package is made with aluminum oxide.

It can be utilized on painted surfaces and bare wood. And it’s found in a wide grit range and an assortment of minerals. The sheets of this sandpaper have been cut into 9 by 3.6 inches sheets. For this reason, they can either be used with a sanding block, sander, or hand.

It’s also worth noting the package comes included with 6 sheets of 3 different grit levels.

The various grit levels include 150, 100, and 50-grit. It’s also easy to use as well as cut into smaller pieces. In order to obtain the best results, you should sand the surface through a series of grits.

In other words, you should start with coarse grit and move to the very fine grit.

These sheets are extremely durable and versatile. And they can be used various surfaces such as paint, wood, and even when sanding metals. One thing that you should really remember when sanding with this sandpaper is to follow the grains of the surface.

Moreover, you should not skip any grit in your sequence.

Features to note:
  1. Easy to use
  2. Made in China
  3. Contains aluminum oxide mineral
  4. Includes 6 sheets, with 3 different grit levels

Final thoughts: Although this sandpaper can be used on various surfaces, it detaches from the sander quickly and it’s not long enough. Another turn off with this is the fact that it isn’t waterproof and it’s not recommended for wet sanding.


2. Abrasive Dry Wet Waterproof Wood Sandpaper Sheets

The best product for polishing and buffing should have great construction.

And that’s where this LANHU dry wet sandpaper comes in. This product is made with silicon carbide and it’s electro-coated, making it a great option for you projects. In addition, the sheets are multifunctional.

For this reason, they can be utilized in art & craft on various materials. Since this sandpaper has great construction, it’s the best sanding product for polishing and buffing. Luckily, it can be used for all types of wood sanding projects since it’s available in a packet containing various pieces.

You can easily identify the various grit types since the sheets contained in the package have been labeled well. The entire package consists of 12 sheets with 6 different grit types. Therefore, each grit type is found in 2 sheets within the package.

Even though each sheet measures 9 by 3.6 inches, you can conveniently reduce the size according to your needs. Besides, because of their great construction and premium quality, you can either use the sheets for dry or wet sanding.

These LANHU sheets can be used for various applications. And it can be applied in several harsh environmental conditions. For this reason, you can use it with water, oil, lacquer, shellac or varnish.

Features to note:
  1. The sheets are made with waterproof silicon carbide
  2. The package is made up of 12 sheets
  3. Each sheet measures 9 by 3.6 inches
  4. The grit types range from 400 to 1500-grit

Final thoughts: If you need high precision polishing or rough sanding, then this LANHU package is also the best option for you. This is mainly because it includes all the right sheets that you need to do the task nicely and completely.


3. Palm/Mouse Sander Wood Sanding Pads

Some woodworkers enjoy working with mouse sanders for several reasons, including quick. If you’re such type of a woodworker, you should probably consider investing in the product by LotFancy.

Designed for heavy-duty removal and high-speed wood sanding, this LotFancy sanding pads deliver fast and durable service. These pads are ideal for multipurpose woodworking needs. For instance, you can use them for intricate projects and refinishing furniture. Additionally, you can use them to make the surface perfectly smooth and clean for painting or staining.

The package comes included with 50 pads of 5 different grit grades.

These grit grades include; 220, 150, 120, 80, and 60 grit. You can easily differentiate pads of various grits since they’re labeled at the back.

They’re made with premium quality aluminum oxide abrasive material. This material is anti-clogging, anti-static, and durable, making the product a good option for finishing wood.

It’s also worth noting that each pad measures 9.5 by 13.5 cm.

Moreover, each sheet has 12 holes that allow for efficient collection of dust, ensuring the work surface remains clean. The hook & loop backing of these sanding pads make it fast and easy to change the sheets.

Additionally, the premium system of resin bond provides premium grain support and a smooth finish. This product is compatible with various Black & Decker Mouse sanders such as BDEMS600 and BDCMS20C.

Features to note:
  1. The pre-punched 12 holes facilitate even dust extraction
  2. Increased productivity and extended longevity
  3. Provides consistent and uniform results
  4. Prevents premature wearing and clogging
  5. Ideal for quick-sand jobs

Final thoughts: This sandpaper might not be ideal for wet sanding applciations.


4. Mirka Dustless Hook & Loop Wood Sandpaper Disks

Mirka is among the leading manufacturers of abrasive for various industries including furniture & wood industry. This manufacturer specializes in dust-free, coated and non-woven products for finishing wood.

One such product is this Mirka hoop & loop sanding disk.

Its unique dust-free design has replaced the traditional techniques in most industries. The package comes included with a total of 50 discs of 220 grit grade. These discs are compatible with various sanding tools like Bosch 3725, 3107, Makita BO5010, and Dewalt DW421.

They’re made with aluminum oxide grain, which is popular for being durable and effective. For this reason, aluminum oxide grain has gained the trust of most experts in woodworking. The construction of these discs includes a high-strength system of resin bond.

It also features unique stearate and semi-open coating design.

This helps to prevent the formation of pill and clogging, enabling you to attain the optimal outcome. The resin bonding provides superior support to the grain. On the other hand, the unique stearate coating maximizes loading and clogging resistance.

Moreover, the semi-open coat provides a consistent and uniform scratch pattern.

Each disc has 8 pre-pierced holes. This helps the discs provide a dust-free environment when sanding wood surfaces. Additionally, they provide a durable and faster result at an extremely affordable price.

Features to note:
  1. Extended life and durable performance
  2. Reasonably priced
  3. Dust-free environment
  4. It has a consistent & uniform scratch pattern

Final thoughts: There’re ten different grit options to choose from based on your project niche. And it was stated that these discs are most suitable with high-speed wood finishing projects.


5. Mestool Best Sanding Discs for Wood

Besides being the best discs for sanding wood, this Mestool product can also be used for lots of other refinishing projects. Such as, using as fiberglass sandpaper totally worth it!

It’s durable and well suited to sand at high speeds.

To provide optimal wood sanding results, these discs have a unique stearate coating and semi-open grit bonding. This design helps to prevent pill forming and clogging. This coating improves the product’s durability and extends its performance.

We liked this product because of its extreme value.

It comes in a box consisting of 100 discs of 5 different grit grades and it’s well priced. The grit grades include; 220, 150, 120, 80, and 60 grit.

You’ll not be sacrificing much by purchasing this product, considering its quality. The discs are made with aluminum oxide grains. Additionally, the grains have resin over resin bond that provides added results and efficiency.

Each disc has a diameter of 5” and includes eight holes, a design that enhances efficient dust extraction. These holes are aligned well and stick well on most 5” orbital sanders. For instance, they fit in orbital sanders like Bosch, Makita, DEWALT, PORTER-CABLE, and BLACK DECKER.

The grit depth of every disc can be seen clearly and its felted part sticks well.

Once you acquire this Mestool series, you’ll always get a nice and uniform sanding since it doesn’t leave any marks.

These discs can be used for various sanding needs, other than woodworking. For instance, they can be used to remove epoxy, on auto bodywork and fiberglass. It’s certainly a great deal than most sets of discs in the market at this moment.

Features to note:
  1. The unique anti-clog coat extends its performance
  2. Fits most orbital sanders
  3. Long-lasting aluminum oxide abrasive grain
  4. Sands at high speeds
  5. Affordable

Final thoughts: This is another highly rated sanding discs as per my suggestion. Just make sure you select the right grit pack.


6. Assorted Grits Hook & Loop Sanding Discs

Another great wood sanding discs worth considering for your woodworking is this product from Miady. This assorted grit product is made with premium quality aluminum oxide abrasive material.

This abrasive material is known for being extremely durable, thus extending the product’s life.

Moreover, this helps the discs to deliver durable and faster wood sanding.

The entire package consists of 70 pieces, having 7 different grit grades. These grit labels include; 800, 600, 320, 240, 120, 80 and 40 grit. The manufacturer clearly understands you might need different grit grades for various project needs.

Therefore, you will find a total of 10 units for every grit grade. You can easily identify discs of different grits since they’ve been labeled at the back.

Each disc has 8 pre-pierced holes and has a diameter of 5 inches.

The holes help to create a hook & loop. Having the 8 holes in the middle of these discs enables you to change them quickly during the action. These holes are also used to pick up dust, so you don’t have to be concerned about dust management.

Consequently, this prevents the discs from fall off the sanders during use. Because of its circular shape, you can make the work finer, even in complicated areas.

Features to note:
  1. Made with premium quality aluminum oxide material
  2. Ideal for complicated parts of various workpieces
  3. Extremely durable
  4. Perfect for long-lasting and quick-sand jobs

Final thoughts: This product has two special packages that come along sander pads. So, this will be a plus point for someone who is in search of sander discs and pad together.


7. M-jump Aluminum Oxide Perfect Wood Sanding Belts

Whether you’re looking for a wide or narrow sanding belt, this M-jump product will make all your tasks simple. M-jump sander belts are used for a wide range of applications.

Apart from being highly-rated, this product has enjoyed exceptional user loyalty because of its amazing features. One such great feature of this product is that it’s anti-static.

Additionally, it’s washable and its resin includes a load resistance additive. One factor that most people consider when buying belts is durability. Luckily, this belt has been specifically constructed to be durable, making it one of the most durable option for wood sanding.

This package consists of 12 sanding belts of 6 different grades.

The different grit grades include 400, 240, 150, 120, 80, and 60 grit, with each grit grade found in 2 units. Each belt measures 4 by 36 inches.

Moreover, the connection on every belt is firm and smooth.

This increasing the belt’s use time and improve the quality of the grinding products. It has high quality since it’s made with an open coat grain of aluminum oxide. its backing consists of a sturdy weight cloth. And you might also consider this as a non-ferrous metal sanding belt.

Therefore, count it as one of the perfect wood sandpaper belts for various applications.

Features to note:
  1. Resists loading because of the resin additive
  2. Washable and anti-static belts
  3. Enhanced durability and extended life
  4. Unique aluminum oxide open coat grain
  5. Ideal for making wide and narrow belts
  6. Perfect for moderate to light application

Final thoughts: Length sizes starting from 18-48 inches and width from 1-6 inches. Consider these dimension factors for your projects before you order.


8. Heat Resistant Coceca Sanding Belts for Wood Finishing

If you have been using different wood finishing tools, you’ve probably encountered Coceca products. In addition to being a reputable brand, Coceca is considered to be among the best manufacturer of sanding accessories.

One of their best product is this Coceca aluminum oxide wood sanding belt.

This belt is made with superior quality aluminum oxide abrasive grains. For this reason, this product is both durable and strong.

Regarding application, this abrasive belt can be used for wood finishing projects and others. These are the most common things you’ll come across, especially if you’re servicing professionally.

This package comes included with 12 pieces of belts, having 6 different grades. The various grit grades include 400, 240, 150, 120, 80, and 60 grit. Therefore, each grit grade is found in 2 units.

This ensures that you get the right grit to match your different project needs. You can easily differentiate various grit grades since they’re labeled.

The dimension of each belt is 36 by 4 inches (915 X 100 mm). This makes them the most ideal option for 36 by 4-inch belt sanders. This belt might just be the sanding product you’re looking for, especially if you prefer products from reputable brands.

Features to note:
  1. Can resist moisture and heat
  2. Ideal for extreme sanding sessions
  3. Supports most types of sanders & polishing machines
  4. Made with high-quality abrasive material
  5. Easy to use and works well

Final thoughts: This premium sanding belt package doesn’t provide variations in size dimension.


9. Aluminum Oxide Assorted Grits Sanding Belts

If you’re looking for an abrasive belt that will not leave any scratches, then this might be your best option. These sanding belts have smooth and great interfaces, ensuring they carry on with the task conveniently.

Like most sanding belts above, this product is made with a high-quality open coat grain of aluminum oxide.

This enables it to deliver a durable wood finish. Additionally, it has great toughness because of the strong backing of poly cotton cloth. This also helps in prolonging the belt’s life, enabling you to utilize it in executing several projects.

In addition, these belts are anti-static and washable.

Their resin also has an additive that aids in load resistance. The product comes in a package of 10 pieces of belts, each measuring 36 by 4 inches. These belts have 5 different grit grades including 400, 240, 150, 120, and 80 grit.

Each grit grade is, therefore, found in two units.

Another great feature of this product is that it has a precision built and ultra-strong bi-directional tape joint. This allows the sanding belt to run in both directions conveniently. Additionally, this firm and smooth connection provide efficient and stable performance.

If you’ve ever used this product, you’ll probably agree that it’s highly versatile. Moreover, it can be used with various grinders and sanders to sand different surfaces. And you will be happy with its versatile application including wood & fiberglass sanding.

Features to note:
  1. Enhanced durability and strength
  2. Precision-built bi-directional tape joint to facilitate excellent use
  3. Washable and anti-static sanding belt
  4. Versatile applications

Final thoughts: Only three available variations in dimension.


10. Assorted Grit Dry or Wet Sandpaper for Wood

A premium quality sandpaper that doesn’t crumble or tear off during use!

We’re talking about this LANHU assorted sandpaper that is made with silicon carbide. In addition, the fact that it’s electro-coated makes it ideal for various applications including both dry and wet uses. This can be used on various surfaces such as porcelain, wood, etc.

The package includes a total of 36 sanding sheets with 12 different grit levels.

Each grit can be found on 3 sheets. Moreover, the different grit levels include; 5000, 4000, 3000, 2500, 2000, 1500, 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400 and 320. The fact that each sheet is labeled at the back makes it easy to identify various grit levels.

It’s also worth noting that the length and width of every sheet are 9 inches and 3.6 inches respectively. The 9-inch length indicates that the sheets can either be placed on sanding blocks or used by hand. In addition, you can conveniently cut the sheets into any size to fit your needs.

These sandpaper sheets are ideal for handling all kinds of odd jobs as well as little fixes. For instance, you can use them to remove abrasions and scuffs on baseboards and walls or refurbish furniture and handrails.

Additionally, you can use them to wet sand blemishes on your car.

Features to note:
  1. Includes 36 sheets, with 12 different grades.
  2. Made with silicon carbide & electro-coated
  3. Ideal for both dry and wet uses
  4. Premium quality sandpaper

Final Thoughts: Generally high-quality sandpaper, this product has a considerably extended life than most others. However, it curls up easily and refuses to remain flat when sanding, especially if it isn’t handled well.


11. BAISDY High Grit Wet Dry Sandpaper

These sanding sheets are of superior quality and they’re durable. For this reason, these sheets are ideal for undertaking various tasks including woodworking.
This product consists of 20 pieces of assorted sandpaper sheets.

Actually, it has 5 different grits ranging from 1000 to 7000 grit and each grit is found on 4 sheets. Every sheet has a width of 3.6 inches and a length of 9 inches. Thus, their ideal wood sandpaper works on a lot of other surfaces as well.

These sheets can be folded and cut conveniently so as to fit in any workpiece crevice or hand tool.

In addition, BAISDY sheets are electro-coated and they’re made with waterproof silicon carbide. In return, this protects the sheets from tearing off or falling apart even during rough uses. This makes them ideal for sanding on dry as well as wet surfaces.

Additionally, just like most sandpapers, these BAISDY sheets are easy to identify since they’re labeled on their back.

Features to note:
  1. Superior quality and durable
  2. The package comes with 20 sheets
  3. Each sheet measures 9 by 3.6 inches
  4. Includes 5 different grits ranging from 1000 to 7000 grit
  5. Electro-coated and made with silicon carbide

Final Thoughts: These sanding sheets are a great option for odd jobs, tiny fix as well as regular polishing tasks on various surfaces. You’ll certainly find this pack useful, regardless of the kind of task you’re undertaking.


12. LotFancy Silicon Carbide, Dry Wet Wood Sandpaper

If you want your sanding job to be perfect, you’ll need many grades in hand. And that is exactly what this LotFancy Assorted Dry Wet Sandpaper offers you.

From 80 to 3000 grit, you’ll get the ideal girt size for all your wood sanding works.

The material used to provide grit to these sheets is silicon carbide. It is certainly a good value. Moreover, the sheets have a great working size since each sheet measures 9 by 3.6 inches. These multifunctional sandpaper sheets are electro-coated.

This ensures that the grit is distributed evenly.

The resin used to bond these sheets ensure flexibility of the paper backing. You can distinguish between various grits conveniently since they’re labeled/ printed at the back. Although these sheets aren’t too large, you can cut them to suit your desired size.

These sheets are mainly designed for hand use.

However, you can also use them with some sanders. Cleaning off these sandpaper sheets helps in extending their life. This indicates that they’re waterproof and can, therefore, be used for both wet and dry sanding purposes.

Since they’re waterproof, these sheets can either be used with oil, lacquer, shellac, varnish, or water. The entire package consists of 45 sheets, with 15 different types of grits. This means that every grit can be found in at least 3 sheets.

Therefore, this pack will meet all your wood sanding needs, ranging from ultra-fine to coarse. They can be used for handling various tasks including woodturning finishing for surface preparation.

Features to note:
  1. Creates a consistent, smooth and refined finish
  2. Waterproof dry & wet wood sandpaper sheets
  3. High-quality silicon carbide grit
  4. Multifunctional sheets

Final Thoughts: Not a great option if you only need one type of grit size.


13. TOPSMA Wet Dry Assorted Sandpaper Sheets

If you’re up to sanding woods, know that it’s important to fine-tune every part of the surface you’re working on. However, as we previously stated, sometimes it can be difficult to get the best type for you.

For this reason, we suggest that you try out this TOPSMA Assorted sandpaper sheets.

TOPSMA sheets consist of 42 sheets where you’ve 14 different grit levels, with each grit found in 3 sheets. Those grit levels include; 3000, 2500, 2000, 1500, 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400, 320, 220, 180, 150 and 120.

With all these different options, you can be able to work on any type of material for various finishing tasks. These sandpapers from TOPSMA are electro-coated and made with silicon carbide. This protects them from tearing off or falling apart during tough uses.

Moreover, the electro-coating ensures homogenous distribution of grits, high efficiency and excellent polishing effect, premium quality natural abrasive and long durability. Consequently, these sheets are perfect for both dry and wet sanding since they have a tensile resistant and waterproof technology.

The length and width of all sheets are 9 inches and 3.6 inches respectively.

Besides having perfect sizes, you can easily identify sheets of various grit levels. This is because every sheet has been printed at the back. Additionally, these sandpaper sheets are multifunctional. As a matter of fact, they’re ideal for use in numerous wood sanding projects.

Features to note:
  1. Consists of 42 sheets, with 14 different grit levels
  2. Electro-coated and made with silicon carbide
  3. Ideal for both dry and wet sanding
  4. The sheets are multifunctional
  5. Premium quality sandpaper

Final Thoughts: Although this sandpaper has superior quality, it leaves black marks on the furniture surfaces. Therefore, you should smooth lightly with this.


Things to consider before buying Wood Sandpapers

Before you decide to settle on certain sandpaper for woodworking, there are some factors you should put into consideration. Some of these factors might include;

1. Grit numbers:

The grit number represents the size of its abrasive particles. Lower numbers indicate that the product has larger abrasive particles and vice versa. Since different sanding projects require different grits, this is a factor you should really consider.

This will help you avoid buying a paper that doesn’t match the requirements of your project. For instance, grit numbers between 36 and 100 are ideal for material removal and work perfectly with power sanders. Some of its applications are;

    • Shaping and leveling wood
    • Removing flaws in the wood
    • Stripping varnish or paint finishes away

On the other hand, grit numbers between 100 and 180 are ideal for both power and hand sanders. They can be used to prepare bare surfaces for finishes. Other applications might include; removing scratches, final finishing preparation and smoothing workpieces.

2. Abrasive material:

The best way of determining the sandpaper type that works well for a certain task is knowing the abrasive materials. Some types are made with natural abrasives like emery and garnet. Garnet is ideal for hand sanders.

It works perfectly on removing light scratches, raw wood, and surface preparation for finishes. On the contrary, others are made with man-made abrasive materials. These materials include; aluminum oxide, zirconia alumina, and silicon carbide.

Aluminum oxide is the most common type of abrasive material used in sandpapers. This is mainly because it’s durable and it can be used with both hand and power sanders. However, silicon can also be used in wood sanding.

Silicon carbide material is known for removing materials faster than aluminum oxide. However, it’s not as durable as aluminum oxide.

3. Open coat or closed coat:

Closed coat sandpapers feature abrasives that cover the entire backing. This design tends to remove more material, making it ideal for hand sanding. However, these products tend to clog more quickly as compared to open-coat products.

On the other sanding, the backing space of open-coat sandpapers is empty. This allows for waste material to accumulate without performance reduction. They’re more ideal for power sanders because they do not clog quickly.


Popular brands for wood sandpaper

To most woodworkers, choosing one particular brand of wood sandpaper that you can rely on is not that simple. Therefore, we have decided to highlight some of the best brands in the market at this moment. They include;

1. Miady

Although this brand is a bit new in the market, its sanding products are quite impressive. Besides sandpapers, Miady produces electric cords, sanding belts, portable hard drives and table lamps among others. The main area of their production includes computer accessories and electronics.

2. 3M

In the industry of accessories and tools, 3M is a huge brand for woodworkers and carpenters. They’ve been manufacturing over 100 products for several years now. Some of these products include; sandpapers, vacuum belts, tarnish strips, cartridge assembly and standard electric tapes among others.

3. Dura-Gold

This brand solely focuses on producing various commercial-grade sanding products of different quality. You’ve probably come across some of their most popular type of sandpapers. They include; hook & loop/gold sanding discs, longboard roll, green film, and ultra-fine sandpapers.


Even though VERONES brands isn’t ideally for handymen, it has some products that are frequently used by most woodworkers. For instance, they have a wide range of sandpaper products. The main product line of this brand includes and home improvement essentials. Some of these essentials include; cereal containers, glass jars, and instant pot accessories among others.


Benefits of sanding the wood surface

Wood-working specialists already know why sanding wood is essential. And basically that’s how they’re created. Weather woodturning or, finishing for a smooth surface – sandpapers are the only weapon.

With these, you can easily remove the scratches to achieve a finished look on the wood surface. Let’s have a look at a few points of the benefits:

1. Saving cost:

Sandpapers can restore your hardwood floors. Hence, it eliminates the need for re-installing a new floor, where there are scratches. Thus it level-up the beauty of the wood surfaces.

2. Saving time:

Installing a new hardwood floor will definitely update the home premises. But likewise, it will consume your busy time. Hence sanding the old floor is not lacking in any side compared to a new floor. As you can still re-stain the wooden floor once sanding is done.

3. An eco-friendly solution:

Through sanding one can restore and refinish the wooden floor which is a great alternative to chopping down trees, in order to create a whole new floor layer. So you can easily sand your aged wooden pieces to remove the wear and tears, without harming the environment.

4. Reduce maintenance:

Smooth wood surface is easier to clean. Such as, when the wooden floor is smoother, you can easily run your wet mop over and give it a quick wipe. And the dust will be gone as the finished surface doesn’t hold them tight. Another great thing is that a sanded wooden floor prohibits the breeding of insects.


Conclusion: Before you make a purchase, ensure you get the right type of wood sandpaper first. This will ensure you have the sanding paper that matches your sanding project needs. This will also protect you from wasting your money and time. With that in mind, we hope that this article will help you choose the best wood sandpaper from our list.



Question 1: What sandpaper grit works best for finishing the wood surface?

Ans: Grit numbers between 100 and 180 are the best option for finishing wood surfaces. They can either be used with hand or power sanders. Moreover, they can be used for other applications like removing scratches, final finishing preparation and smoothing workpieces.

Question 2: How many types of wood sandpaper are available?

Ans: There are 5 different types, depending on the abrasive material used. They include; silicon carbide, zirconia alumina, aluminum oxide, garnet, and emery sandpapers.

Question 3: Can I cut sandpapers into small sizes?

Ans: Definitely! Especially if the length is insufficient to match your sanding needs.

Question 4: What sander is best for wood sanding?

Ans: The best sander for woodworking is a random orbital sander. Most woodworkers prefer this sander since they use a circular sanding disc to sand in both rotary and orbital motion. Additionally, they have holes that remove dust from the surface.

Question 5: Are wood sandpapers versatile?

Ans: Yes! Most of them are extremely versatile. Apart from sanding wood, you can use them on other surfaces like aluminum, non-ferrous metal, and a lot more.

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