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Molds can develop on any surface, both outdoor and indoor, provided it’s exposed to moisture. They are responsible for several health problems and should, therefore, be cleaned for a healthy environment.

You can eliminate mold using various techniques.

The type of technique deployed will depend on the kind of mold that you’re dealing with. One of the most common techniques is using mold removers. Mold removers will keep your interior home walls free of molds and mildew with ease.

However, with several brands of mold cleaners on the market today, how do you choose the best wall cleaner for mold, mildew, dirt, dust, paint, and grime removal?

Continue reading this article and you’ll certainly be informed about the top 12 wall cleaners that are leading the market today. And I hope this article will help you choose the best mold remover for walls.

Skylarlife Wall Mold & Mildew Remover
  • Type: Concentrated gel
  • Weight: 5 fl oz
  • Versatile: Yes
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Better Life Natural Wall Cleaner
  • Type: Liquid spray
  • Weight: 32 fl oz
  • Versatile: Yes
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Air Powered Caulk Gun
  • Type: Sponge pads
  • Count: 9 Pads
  • Versatile: Yes
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Magic Eraser Wall Cleaning Pads
  • Type: Extension pole
  • Long: 10 ft
  • Versatile: Yes
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Savogran Wall Refinisher Powder
  • Type: Powder
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs
  • Versatile: For painted surfaces
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Diversey Foaming Wall Washer
  • Type: Spray
  • Weight: 20 oz Can
  • Versatile: For water washable hard surfaces
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12 Best Wall Cleaner Reviews:

Please note that the wall cleaner is not a single type of product. Rather it comes in different formats. Some are in bottles with liquid spray types of cleaners. While others are foam or sponge type scrubber pads. Also, scrubber pads with extension poles are considered to be in the list for the best wall cleaners. But, I have made this article easier for you by including all the essential wall cleaner products.

Be recommended that you pick a combined pack based on the type of your project. Keep reading and you should be able to understand why a combined pack would provide better finishing.


1. Skylarlife Wall Mold & Mildew Remover Gel

Excess moisture in the interior home environment might result in the growth of mold and mildew. They usually grow on the walls, around windows, bathrooms, kitchen, etc. It happens, especially if there is inadequate ventilation.

Hence, Skylarlife wall mold and mildew cleaner will be a worthwhile solution for you. Try this strong gel formulated cleaner, to prevent/remove the build-up of mildew or mold around the home enclosures.

Skylarlife is among the best wall mold and mildew removers that you can use without hesitation. This concentrated gel targets mildew and mold that is build-up on walls, tiles, grout or silicone caulk, showerheads, around the bathtub and more.

It kills any type of mildew and mold and prevents their re-growth and without requiring any extensive scrubbing. However, you’ll have to leave this gel overnight as it takes 6 to 8 hours to do the task effectively. Unlike sprays that drip down vertical surfaces, this gel remains intact and it’s therefore easy to apply on intended stains.

The squeezable flip-top 5 fl. oz. bottle has a thin nozzle that makes it more foolproof.

Thus, the cleaner is easy to apply on various surfaces. Skylarlife mold and mildew remover is extremely precise and it will certainly make a notable difference on the interior walls, kitchen or bathroom tiles. The precise application tip of the bottle will give you convenient user experience.

Features to note:
  1. Ideal for any mold-related stain
  2. Kills any type of mildew and mold
  3. Doesn’t flow down in inclined or vertical surfaces since it’s a gel type
  4. The concentrated gel targets build-up mold accurately
  5. Powerful and fast-acting concentrated gel formula

Final thoughts: You SHOULD WEAR rubber gloves when applying this gel and ensure the room is well ventilated during the entire process.


2. Better Life Natural All-Purpose Cleaner for Walls

Better Life Natural is an affordable, naturally driven filth fighting all-purpose cleaner. It consists of a clear unscented cleaning solution that is free from dyes, parabens, petroleum solvents, and alkyphenol surfactants.

Without relying on harmful chemicals, this biodegradable and non-toxic cleaner cleans various surfaces with ease. However, this cleaning solution doesn’t have any problem tackling stains, dirt, grime, and grease. This makes it a suitable option for cleaning stores. It is thick and clings on the surface to facilitate effective cleaning.

It is 100% derived from plant extracts of corn, coconut, and soap bark.

It comes packaged in two 32 fl. oz. bottles that are made with biodegradable and environment-friendly materials. Moreover, each bottle has a spray head that makes it easy to apply the cleaning solution.

It’s safe with pets and children, and can, therefore, be used on almost any surface. As a matter of fact, it’s effective on various surfaces such as walls, floors, baseboards, tables, upholstery, countertops, toilets, appliances, boats, cars and showers among others.

However, this natural cleaner has never been tested on animals.

It’s easy to apply since you only need to spray and wipe and doesn’t even require any rinsing. Its ingredients include vegetable glycerin, blend of corn- and coconut-based surfactants, purified water, preservative, pure essential oils of grapefruit, bergamot, and spearmint.

Features to note:
  1. No harsh fumes or bleach
  2. Safe for kids, planets, pets
  3. Free from harmful chemicals
  4. Available in 4 different packages and sizes
  5. Multi-purpose environment-friendly cleaner
  6. Clear & unscented solution, with natural scents
  7. All ingredients are derived from plant-based sources

Final thoughts: It is a highly rated and very much popular all-purpose cleaner on amazon. And you should not wait to order and give it a try today. So you don’t see the “OUT OF STOCK” note when you wish to have one later.


3. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Original Wall Cleaning Pads with Durafoam

This is a magical cleaner for the walls in your home. Magic Eraser Sheets by Mr. Clean use melamine foam. They’re activated with water and used like micro-scrubbers so as to remove stuck-on grime and scuff marks from various surfaces.

With time, Magic Erasers have been found with extra cleaners, various sizes and finally, we’ve Magic Eraser sheets. This product pack contains 9 household cleaning DURAFOAM pads. It’s also worth noting that each sheet measures (4.6×2.3×1.0 IN), thus perfect for almost all types of cleaning projects.

So, why Magic Eraser wall cleaning pads?

Well, they’re thin and can easily conform in tight spaces that are hard to reach such as appliance door crevices. With these sheets, you’ll finally be able to reach every part of caked-on dirt on the walls. This is mainly due to the fact that these sheets are powerful and flexible for use.

They can also be used to clean tough stains on microwaves, hard water spots, stovetops, and grimy fridge handles. Therefore, call it a versatile cleaning pads. And you would love to know that with these sheets, you don’t need any extra chemicals to remove difficult grime.

Just soak in water and see the magic!

Features to note:
  1. Removes tough grime
  2. Water-based multi-surface cleaner
  3. Conforms to very tight spaces
  4. Powerful multi-purpose eraser
  5. Disposable and flexible scrubber
  6. May be cut to suit the cleaning job

Final thoughts: I recommend that you rinse the freshly cleaned surface using a soaked microfiber cloth after using these sheets. This will help you to remove any remaining foam particles. However, AVOID USING THESE SHEETS on wood or surfaces that are highly polished and stainless steel appliances.


4. Savogran 10622 TSP (Wall refinisher product)

Your wall paint is old and it’s tearing off by cracking itself?

Then consider it’s the high time you should repaint it. Hence cleaning the surface well is very important. Because that’s the only way how you can achieve durability and better adhesion of the new paint. Trisodium phosphate (TSP) is a powder used for cutting through grease, oil as well as other similar stains. Since it’s alkaline, having PH12, it’s able to easily handle tough stains on the walls.

As for the perpetration of refinishing, this can be used to clean the painted walls.

Also when combined with bleach, it works well in terms of removing mold and mildew stains. Moreover, it can control the lead paint dust very effectively. It’s preferred by cleaning and painting professionals to remove heavy deposits of smoke, greasy grime, and sooty dirt.

Additionally, you can use it to remove chalked paint from walls, floors, and woodwork.

Savogran TSP cleaner is ideal for cleaning wood decks as well as other household surfaces. However, you should protect your hands with rubber gloves before you using this powder. Then dissolve a ½ cup of the powder in hot water and soak a sponge.

Wring out the soaked sponge thoroughly and apply it to the surface you wish to clean. Rinse the surface using clean water when you are done and leave it to dry. The solution doesn’t have odors and doesn’t leave residues, meaning your home will not be stinking of strong chemicals.

Features to note:
  1. Mold & mildew treatment
  2. Refinishing walls is easier with it
  3. Paint stripping capabilities
  4. Easy to apply once diluted

Final thoughts: One thing that you should carefully note is how you store the powder when it isn’t in use. If it’s stored in moist rooms like the laundry room/ bathroom, it starts clumping because of the reaction with air moisture. We recommend that you keep the powder in SEALED PLASTIC CONTAINERS so that it can last much longer.


5. Spray Nine, Heavy-Duty Cleaner and Disinfectant

Spray Nine multi-purpose cleaner is specifically designed for disinfecting and degreasing. It’s antibacterial and can, therefore, be used to control wall molds.

However, this might depend on the kind of mold that you wish to control.

In addition, since there is no statement claiming Spray Nine is anti-fungal, re-growth of some kinds of molds may be experienced. It has the ability to eliminate bacteria and viruses in about 45 seconds. One bottle of Spray Nine cleaner is enough to remove mold, stains, mildew, deodorize, degrease and disinfect.

It only takes a couple of minutes for this fluid to melt grease after its application.

You can readily use this cleaner once you purchase it. It’s specifically designed to provide a fast cleaning experience. This cleaner is one of the most effective versatile wall molds cleaners. This is mainly due to the fact that it focuses on disinfection and removing mud.

Apart from cleaning walls, this cleaner can be used to clean various surfaces.

These surfaces might include plastic, concrete, sinks, tires, and stainless steel among others. Moreover, it’s compatible with food processing and manufacturing facilities. Nevertheless, it requires much effort to clean wood surfaces and it doesn’t contain chlorinated or petroleum solvents.

Features to note:
  1. Acts as a disinfectant
  2. Cleans multiple surfaces
  3. Anti-bacterial properties
  4. It can clean, disinfect and degrease

Final thoughts: It is an excellent option to use in the home interior walls since it leaves a pleasant odor, which evaporates quickly. However, it is NOT GOOD TO APPLY ON labeled appliances since it takes off the writing.


6. Natural All-Purpose Organic Wall Cleaner – Multi-Surface

The Green Standard Cleaner by TriNova is powered by plant extracts. This indicates that it can be used safely around kids and animals since it’s free from chemicals and toxic substances. It can either be used on walls, floors, ceramics, glass, countertops and more.

It’s also tough on grime and grease.

The manufacturer promises a refund to users that are aren’t satisfied with the product or its scent. The pack comes with 2 bottles of 32 oz. each, providing you with sufficient cleaning solution.

Moreover, it comes with a microfiber towel, being the preferred method for cleaning smooth surfaces with all-purpose cleaners. Thus it’s a recommended combined wall cleaner product. Luckily, this cleaner is eco-friendly and naturally fragranced.

The custom scent of this cleaner is a completely unique blend of thyme and white tea extract.

You can use it with anything that is soaked with water which indicates the simplicity of use. The manufacturer states that it can cause a little streaking, particularly on reflective surfaces. However, TriNova provides instructions on how you can minimize that.

It also provides another product that you can use on stainless steel appliances, in case you are searching for a streak-free finish.

Features to note:
  1. Plant-based all-purpose cleaner
  2. Includes 2 bottles of 32 oz. each and 1 microfiber towel
  3. Light scent; thyme and white tea
  4. Free from toxic and harmful chemicals
  5. Made in the USA using organic ingredients

Final thoughts: This pack is CERTAINLY WORTH BUYING since it comes with 1 microfiber towel and 2 bottles of the cleaner. It provides you with a formula that you can use for a long time. In addition, the towel provides a sleek finish while cleaning.


7. High Reach Wall Cleaning Kit with 10-Foot Extension Pole

This Cleaning Kit is a great option for a solution to cleaning high areas on the walls. With this High Reach Cleaning Kit, you don’t have to get a step stool or ladder to clean. It includes an adjustable 10-foot long pole that has 3 attachments, that is a squeegee, static duster and mop head.

The static duster is perfect for cleaning crown molding, blinds, and baseboards. On the other hand, the mob head can either be used dry or wet to scrub walls, ceiling and floors. The squeegee blade is made with high-quality rubber which leaves a spotless finish.

It has a 10-foot high reach that will help you clean various areas like high ceilings, walls, and windows. The squeegee has a sponge that will allow you to remove dust effectively. Also, the adjustable telescopic pole is sturdy and lightweight.

You can, therefore, lift it easily so as to reach overhead.

The pole has 4 sections that can be extended so as to lengthen the pole up to 10 feet. Therefore, you can easily clean the static duster by simply swirling it in soapy water and allow it to dry.

Features to note:
  1. Washable cleaning attachments
  2. 10 foot long adjustable telescoping pole
  3. Includes 3 cleaning attachments
  4. 10 ft. Long telescoping extension pole
  5. Lightweight and easy maintenance
  6. Works as a great wall cleaner product

Final Thoughts: It’s also worth noting that the removable cover on the mop head is MACHINE WASHABLE. You can also change the pole attachments with ease. Its end is threaded and you can, therefore, unscrew the tool head and place another attachment.


8. Magic Eraser Variety Pack, Cleaning Pads with Durafoam

The fact that Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are easy to use makes them incredibly popular. They powerfully work magic on various surfaces, helping you handle all the mess in your house.

This variety pack eraser comes in 2 packs, with every pack having 6 different scrubber pads. It is different from the regular Magic Erasers since it provides fast results and it’s larger. Therefore, it’s perfect for your wall cleaning projects.

It’s also worth noting that different scrubbers have different sizes.

Thus it can fit your needs easily and reach out to critical spaces for cleaning with ease. In addition, the scrubbers are ideal for removing soap scum and grime. With strong Durafoam muscles, it cuts through tough household messes such as marks on the walls, baked-on kitchen messes and stubborn soap scum in bathrooms.

These innovative extra-durable cleaning materials penetrate surface grooves where grime and dirt get trapped. It thoroughly and easily breaks up the tough dirt and lifts it away from the surface.

And, can remove the set-in dirt in your living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

Features to note:
  1. Gets rid of soap scum and grime
  2. Pads are available in different sizes to fit your needs
  3. Eliminates soap scum 3X faster than most cleaners
  4. You only need to add water
  5. Made with Durafoam

Final thoughts: You’ll only NEED TO ADD water so as to activate these magic erasers and utilize a scrubber to clean the targeted surface. This cleaner will certainly make your life simpler.


9. Savogran 10761 Dirtex Spray Cleaner for Walls, 18 Oz

Savogran Dirtex is a top-rated ammoniated spray cleaner used to clean various surfaces at the office or home. It is formulated to act fast on any washable surface to effectively remove the oily film, fingerprints, dirt, and grease.

Thus another amazing wall cleaner from Savogran.

Being said that, this versatile cleaner works on chrome, glass, appliance enamels and ceramic tiles among other surfaces. Additionally, you can use it to clean dirt and bugs from windows, windshields or plastic upholstery on boats and cars. It removes grime, grease, and dirt in a single wipe.

Moreover, it can remove latex paint overspray, although it isn’t recommended for lacquer or shellac. You can also use this cleaner to remove drop-offs of paint from various surfaces. This cleaner doesn’t contain any fluorocarbons and it has a delightful odor.

And it comes packaged in one 18 oz. spray can.

The fact that this cleaner comes ready to use makes it easy to apply. You might have to take a bath after using this cleaner because of the strong ammonia smell. In addition, the ammonia prevents you from using the cleaner on smooth cooktop surfaces.

Features to note:
  1. Ammoniated formula
  2. Perfect for use in bathrooms and kitchens
  3. Ideal for various surfaces
  4. Doesn’t contain fluorocarbons

Final thoughts: This spray cleaner is a great general-purpose household cleaner that can be applied on any washable surface. It’s gentle to the skin and hands. However, PROTECT YOUR EYES from coming into contact with this cleaner since it is eye irritant.


10. Mr. Clean Original Magic Eraser


No matter how dirty the wall dirt is!!!

Magic Eraser works miracles for permanent crayons and marker stains on the walls. The eraser eliminates soap scum, stains, and dirt that would require repainting by scrubbing in only a few wipes. They are very effective with enhanced cleaning performance.

And can be used on several surfaces including walls, baseboards, ceiling, vents, bathtubs, and blinds among several other places at home. The best thing about this eraser is that you only need water to use it. So, just water at the room temperature does a great job with this magic eraser.

The DURAFOAM pads can be used on many surface areas and for various cleaning jobs. It’s popular for picking up stains that are particularly difficult. If you’re searching for a simple cleaning solution that doesn’t involve spraying, then Magic Eraser is the best option.

It has a strong cleaning performance that helps to remove the toughest messes on the walls.

And making it an ideal wall mold cleaner. Although a magic eraser appears like a sponge, it cleans various surfaces like magic. This strong cleaner is also available as Magic Eraser Bath, Kitchen, and Extra Durable eraser. The secret material between these Magic Eraser scrubbers is melamine foam.

Although melamine is only an organic base, combining it with other compounds like formaldehyde turns it into the plush foam.

Features to note:
  1. Contains 8 disposable cleaning pads
  2. 6 x 5 x 4 inches; product dimensions
  3. Aggressive wall dirt cleaner
  4. Made with melanin foam
  5. Requires only water to activate

Final thoughts: You can use a Magic eraser to scrub off sticky scum and dirt from any type of surface. However, AVOID USING THEM ON glossy or delicate exteriors. In addition, it might cause irritation or damage your skin.

It’s recommended that you first test magic erasers on an unnoticeable area before you start working on the entire surface.


11. Diversey, Power Foaming Wall Washer

Diversey foaming wall cleaner has a powerful ammoniated formula that cuts through grime and grease without scrubbing. This cleaner is effective on any washable surface.

It’s ideal for cleaning any nicotine on walls.

This is mainly because the foaming action tends to break up soil deposits and then cleans them easily. In addition, the foam works on wipes and spray applications and sticks on vertical surfaces. Some of the common surfaces that you can apply this cleaner include; ceilings, baseboards, non-food contact areas, and walls.

It’s extremely convenient in cleaning long stuck wall deposits with the powerful foaming action.

It has a pleasant cherry scent that makes cleaning enjoyable and can, therefore, be used in the workplace environment. This cleaner comes in packed in a carton containing twelve 20 oz. cans. Ensure that this cleaner is about 6 inches away from the wall when spraying.

You should then wipe the sprayed surface using a damp sponge or cloth.

Features to note:
  1. Pleasant cherry scent
  2. It comes in twelve 20 oz. spray cans
  3. Effective on any washable surface
  4. Powerful ammoniated formula

Final thoughts: In addition, AVOID SPRAYING this cleaner on surfaces that might come into contact with food. You should also remember that this cleaner is FLAMMABLE. Therefore, keep it away from open flames, sparks, heat and heat surfaces to prevent an explosion.


12. DocaPole 6-24 Foot Extension Pole – Multi-Purpose

This Docapole extension pole is a retractable that can extend from 6 feet up to 24 feet. It’s extremely durable and offers the best cleaning solution possible. It includes the multi-angle tip and straight metal attachment so as to perform any cleaning job on the walls.

The dual tip combo on the pole has every functional requirement that you will need.

For instance, it includes a multi-angle tip that attaches to the metallic tip to provide a rotation of over 180°. This helps to paint or clean edges as well as the upper parts of the ceiling fan. The tip remains firm and can be used to perform even the toughest tasks.

In addition, the upright pole extension has a safety extension.

The 6 feet retractable length makes it easy to transport and store in tight places. This pole can be used with various screw-on attachments like dusters, retrieval hooks, cleaning brushes and paint rollers among others. This makes the pole extremely versatile and simple to use.

It’s light and simple to move around.

You can use this pole to clean patios, gutters, and gutters. This multi-purpose cleaner can either be used as a telescopic pole, light bulb changer, paint roller or window cleaner.

Features to note:
  1. Padded grips make it comfortable and easy to use
  2. 6-24 foot extension offers 30 feet high reach
  3. Quick-release clasps for convenient contraction and extension
  4. 180 hinge tip and straight metal tip offers versatility

Final thoughts: This Docapole extension pole is made with a solid construction, HAS A SAFETY EXTENSION, simple to use and does the job using little effort. It’s reasonably priced and does many different tasks. Additionally, the fact that it’s made with rust-resistant aluminum makes it extremely durable.


Criteria to look when purchasing wall cleaner products

Wall cleaning products helps to clean the walls and also various other surfaces in your home. Most of these products are expertly tested to provide determined effectiveness.

Choosing the best wall cleaning products to use in your households can be a difficult task at some points. However, when buying a wall cleaning product, there are many features that you can consider to make the task simple. Some of the main things that you should consider include:

1. Application

Since most wall cleaners are in liquid form, they can be applied using a sprayer. On the other hand, gel cleaners can be applied to the bottle’s flip top. There are also other cleaners that don’t drop or flow down vertical surfaces.

Or, you might also choose scrubber sponge pads. They are strong wall cleaner and easy to activate with water. You can, therefore, choose a wall cleaner based on the condition of the surface you’re intending to clean.
You should also choose a cleaner that is easy to apply.

This will make the wall cleaning process hassle-free and easier. Most cleaners with spray bottles are easy to use since they allow you to target the specific area you’re cleaning.

2. Ingredients

It’s always good to check out the ingredients that were used in making the cleaner you’re intending to buy. This will ensure that the used ingredients will not damage the surfaces you’re planning to clean. Additionally, it’s ideal to select cleaners that are free from bleach or other harmful chemicals that can damage various surfaces.

3. Scent

Most heavy-duty wall cleaners can leave an unpleasant smell after application. For instance, ammoniated cleaners produce dangerous fumes. It’s therefore good to buy a cleaner that doesn’t leave an odor or the one that leaves a fresh scent behind.

I strongly suggest getting a naturally-scented and plant-derived cleaner that is safe for kids, pets, and planets.

4. Versatility

If you wish to get the most from the cleaner, you may want to consider a cleaner that can be used on multiple surfaces. This will enable you to utilize the cleaner on various surfaces either at the office or home. Versatile cleaners ensure that you get the worth of your money.

5. Response time

This is important for busy people. And it should be considered before buying a wall cleaner. Some wall cleaners tend to be quick-acting. This indicates that they can remove stains instantly upon contact.

Such cleaners are convenient if you looking for a cleaner that will eliminate stain in a short duration.

6. Effectiveness

Another important factor that you should put into consideration is the cleaner’s effectiveness. This is mainly due to the fact that everything else will be rendered useless if the cleaner is not effective.


How to use wall cleaners effectively

Wall cleaners provide a simple way of cleaning your walls and other surfaces in your household. However, when cleaning various surfaces, it’s important to be gentle and avoid rushing the job. In order to use wall cleaners effectively, you’ll need a few things. Some of these things might include:

  1. Choose the right cleaning solution:

    We suggest that you avoid instantly jumping on the sugar soap products to clean your wall. Instead, take your time to determine the best wall cleaning solution that you can find in the market. Alternatively, you can go through some of the products that we’ve highlighted in the article. You can then choose the one that perfectly fits your wall cleaning needs. It’s also good to always do a patch test on the cleaning solution before you start cleaning.

    This will help you determine if the cleaning solution you’re intending to use has good quality. You should avoid using cheap and low-quality cleaning solutions since they might damage the surface. Currently, you can even find a cleaning solution for a particular surface. Therefore, we suggest that you pay attention to some of these details when buying a cleaning solution.

  2. Miscellaneous rags, sponges, and cloths:

    When cleaning the wall, you will not need anything fancy and sponges can be sufficient. Avoid using rough-surfaced pads or sponges since they may damage the paint on the walls. Hence consider if you want to clean the dirt on the walls? Or you want to clean the wall paint for a refinishing project?

    Some people prefer using microfiber mops so as to access higher areas. Nevertheless, this can be made even easier by using extension poles like the Docapole extension pole.

  3. Cleaning the walls effectively:

    In order to use wall cleaners effectively, there are some basic procedures that you should adhere to. The first step should be to apply your cleaning solution on the surface and allow it to sit. This should be followed by working away gently using a regular sponge. This process is the same with most cleaners, regardless of whether it’s a major mark removal or full washdown.

    You should follow each of these steps with precision if you want effective cleaning. There may be some slight variations depending on the specific wall cleaner that you use. In such cases, we suggest that you follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Final Words: I hope with these pointers, it should be easier for you to choose the best wall cleaner that will suit best for your case. Feel free to put your comment below and I would like to hear back from you, which one worked best for you?

Regards – SB Author

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