Best Vinyl Floor Cleaners

7 Best Vinyl Floor Cleaners: Reviews & Buying Guide

What’s the best vinyl floor cleaner? Well, I would say the one that’ll ensure your floor avoids damage and enhances its overall condition for a long time. Such as, this topper in our list is highly trusted

Bona Stone, All-In-One Vinyl Floor Cleaner System

And, if you’re looking for more options with candid and constructive analysis, please keep on scrolling. Considering the wide range of selection of vinyl floor cleaners out there, we’ve made it pretty easy for you!

Today’s list is all about 7 best cleaners that you can use to clean the vinyl floor.
You’ll also have a bonus section on how to clean vinyl floor like a pro. So, let’s get started with a short product view table. And it’s mostly for quick shoppers!


Image Name Editor’s Rating Price

TETHYS – Flat Vinyl Floor Mop and Bucket Set for Professional Home Cleaning

product-rating4.5 out of 5 Check On Amazon

TURBO – Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System

product-rating4.5 out of 5 Check On Amazon
product-rating4.5 out of 5 Check On Amazon
product-rating4.5 out of 5 Check On Amazon
product-rating4.5 out of 5 Check On Amazon
product-rating4.5 out of 5 Check On Amazon


7 Best Vinyl Floor Cleaners: Reviews

Vinyl floors are superior and resistant that is made up of synthetic plastic polymer. Most people prefer vinyl flooring because of its versatility, resilience, attractiveness, and durability. Besides, they’re extremely easy to maintain.

So, it’s an ideal option for pet owners and high traffic areas.

However, just like any other flooring, vinyl floors require some special care and proper maintenance. To accomplish that, simple, just check out our picks (below) and forget looking any further. Because they don’t compromise on the result at all!

But, of course, keeping the surface safe and maintained!

1. TETHYS – Flat Vinyl Floor Mop and Bucket Set for Professional Home Cleaning

If you’re a perfectionist, looking for a high-quality and professional-grade cleaner, you’ll love this Floor Mop & Bucket Set from TETHYS.

This set of floor cleaner is available at an affordable rate. And it’s quite unbeatable by other floor cleaner sets you’ll see out there. Not to forget that it makes your cleaning job easier.

The mop has 2 reusable, machine washable microfiber pads. Therefore, you will always have a clean mopping pad that you can use. While one is being used, the other one is in your washing machine to be prepared for the next action.

Under, around, between any places, you can move it to clean!

The mop runs pretty smooth over various floor systems. So, apart from cleaning vinyl floors, these pads also work on tiles, stone, hardwood, and laminate flooring. And, it’s easy to use and maneuver.

In addition to the mop, this unit also comes with a convenient, large bucket. The bucket has 2 bottom holes that make the draining system convenient. As such, you don’t need to lift the bucket when emptying it. Also, the grooved design of the pail enables you to wet the mop and squeeze it without wringing with your hands.

You just need to sink it in the water container side of the bucket, and then run through the squeezer. That way, you squeeze out excessive water and ready to apply.

Thanks to its flexible head which can rotate up to 280 degrees.

That enables you to access various floor areas from different angles. This means that you’ll be able to clean all the corners, including hard-to-reach areas around your home. Furthermore, installing the mop is simple and quick.

Its handle has 4 separate poles that one can easily assemble depending on their height to protect you from back pains. On top of all these amazing features, this unit also comes with a 1-year warranty!

  • Type: Floor mop & bucket set
  • Comes with 2 microfiber pads
  • Head swiveling: 280° degrees
  • Aluminum handle
  • Fast & quick cleaning agent
  • Easy to clean (Machine washable)
  • Adjustable, easy-to-install handle
  • Easy to carry

2. TURBO – Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System

When you’re cleaning a critical space with many sharp corners, this TURBO Cleaning system is a great option. It’s designed for both domestic and commercial applications. And, it’ll able to clean your vinyl floor effectively and perfectly.

Even better, the mop is very versatile!

So, you can use it for other floors including laminate, tiles, and hardwood, etc.

The package comes with a mop head, mop handle, 2 microfiber refills, and 2 scrubbing pads. It features 4 different types of fibers, each of them having a unique cleaning mission. For that reason, you can use this unit to clean debris, stains, and dirt from the floor.

Let me tell you another great thing about this product…

…the design of its mop and fiber is eco-friendly. Therefore, unlike most others, this unit doesn’t leave any chemical residues on the cleaned surface. Besides, the fibers are both machines and hand washable.

The swiveling head can rotate up to 360 degrees. So, that makes it easy to reach and clean hard-to-reach places. As for the construction, the head is made of metal while the mop handle is made of aluminum.

Thus, the unit is lightweight and simple to carry, yet resistant and durable. This means that you’ll not feel tired when cleaning your vinyl floor.

Also, before I forget to mention, the handle is adjustable.

You can extend it from 35 to 60 inches. For that reason, it can be used by both tall and short people. Overall, this mop cleaner is one of the best non-high end vinyl floor cleaners out there!

  • Type: Floor mop
  • Aluminum handle
  • Comes with 4 pads
  • Head swiveling: 280° degrees
  • Easy to carry
  • Multipurpose application
  • Lightweight best value
  • Extendable handle

3. BONA – Tile & Laminate Floor Cleaner Premium Spray Mop

You’ll find many products in the market that you can use to clean your vinyl floor. But, then, what’s the best one?

Well, very few can guarantee you that efficiency and effectiveness.

And this Bona Premium Spray Mop is one of them!

It is a spray mop model that comes with a microfiber cleaning pad and floor cleaner in a refillable cartridge. As such, cleaning the vinyl floor becomes easy and quick!

This unit has an extra-large mop head, perfect for large spaces. This makes deep cleaning quicker and easier. Besides, this spray system features a lightweight, yet durable design. The flexible rubber corners prevent damaging the furniture, while the retractable hook ensures easy storage.

One issue with the mop head, though, is that the large size makes it hard to clean tight areas. 

As for the cleaning solution, it comes in a 34 oz. refillable cartridge. This solution is gentle on the vinyl surface, but tough on dirt and stains. Apart from the vinyl floor, it also works on tiles, marble, linoleum floors, and laminate flooring.

When it comes to the microfiber pad, it has a design that limits streaks. Furthermore, it is machine washable, meaning that you can utilize it over and over again. However, it is recommended that you leave the mop to air dry, rather than using the dryer.

As you might have guessed, using this Bona vinyl cleaner is pretty simple as well. Its sturdy handle has a trigger that dispenses the cleaning solution in mist form. Therefore, the amount of solution that you dispense is all up to you.

  • Type: Spray + mop (All-in-one)
  • Comes with 34oz Bona-Floor-Cleaner
  • Mop head size: 16.5” X 4.5”
  • Refillable cartridge
  • Wide range of application
  • Mist spray controls the saturation
  • Large pad makes the cleaning faster
  • Comfortable grip with trigger


4. Bona Hard-Surface Cleaner for Vinyl Floor

Caring for vinyl floors is not hard at all, provided you clean it regularly. However, some cleaning products may contain harsh chemicals. This can either leave streaks on the floor or dull the finish permanently.

That’s why you should always choose a safe product like Bona Floor Cleaner! 

This cleaner has been certified by GREENGUARD GOLD. That ensures it has very low VOC emissions. So, it’s safe for the environment as well as sensitive people and pets as it doesn’t leave a dulling residue behind.

Another thing you should note that it adds a protective, long-lasting layer to vinyl floors.

Its water-based formula helps to dry faster. And, consequently, provide you with high-performance. It’s suitable for vinyl floors as well as other flooring surfaces. To name a few – including linoleum, ceramic, LVT, quarry, stone, terrazzo, and sealed porous marble.

The cleaner is available in 32 fl. oz. spray bottle with a unique design. You can easily refill this spray bottle from the bigger gallon size. Also, you can utilize it to fill the inbuilt containers of some mops.

Regarding the application, start by first cleaning the surface. You might use a vacuum, dust mop, or even a soft-bristled broom. Then spray the cleaning solution and use a microfiber mop to dry out the floor. And in a couple of minutes, your floor will be looking fabulous again!

You don’t even have to rinse it!

  • Type: Spray liquid floor cleaner
  • Weight: 32 FL Ounce (Single Pack)
  • Nozzle comes with dual setting
  • Mop head size: 16.5” X 4.5”
  • Made by: BONA
  • Safe for kids
  • Ready-to-use cleaner
  • Quick cleaning solution
  • Removes dirt & grime pretty easily
  • Convenient spray system


5. BETTER LIFE – Citrus Mint, Naturally Dirt-Destroying Vinyl Floor Cleaner

This dirt-destroying floor cleaner helps remove dirt and grime without leaving a buildup of soap or wax. It works well on the vinyl floor, making it clean and charming. Just spread a layer and wipe out with a mop. You don’t even have to rinse.

And you’ll see the magic in a while!

This floor cleaner has a pleasant light minty/citrus scent. For that, it doesn’t affect your allergies because it’s mostly essential oils. This product’s specialty is that it safely cleans and keeps the natural shine. You can apply it to all types of floors, including hardwood, stone, bamboo, vinyl, and many others.

It’s a worthwhile vinyl floor dose that doesn’t leave a residue. Now smile, as you’re going to know something really amazing.

BETTER-LIFE cleaner is safe because it doesn’t contain harmful ingredients. To name a few, like sodium lauryl, Parabens, Synthetic fragrances, Alcohol, Ethers, etc. So, the cleaner is safe to use around your pets and children. Moreover, it’s biodegradable as well as recyclable.

The manufacturing ingredients are soapbark and lemon. Soapbark is a natural cleansing agent, very powerful! And lemon gives you that citrusy, fresh, and clean smell. With its powerful action, you can reduce the drop numbers.

No need to use an excessive amount at a time. Besides, it’s very affordable. Stains come off quickly. You don’t have to scrub harshly, and it leaves a clean, streak & residue-free result.

Let’s take look back at my discomforts.

So, this doer comes only as a liquid cleaner. I would rather buy an all-in-one system that includes everything. In that sense of view, I prefer number 3 on our list. Also, there’s no spray applicator for the bottle nozzle.

However, as a non-toxic, environment-friendly vinyl floor cleaner, I would say it’s one of the best options you would keep it into your consideration.

  • Type: Liquid floor cleaner
  • Weight: 32 FL Ounce (Dual Pack)
  • Citrus mint, 100% plant-based
  • Non-toxic, made by the USA
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Safest floor cleaning action
  • Greater performance
  • Ensures safety


6. REJUVENATE, Click-N-Clean Floor Cleaning Spray Mop System

Now, this is a lovely product that comes with additional floor cleaner spray. Just like number 3, it’s an amazing vinyl floor mop system. It is one of the most versatile mop systems you will find in the market. And, with its supreme flexibility and durability, it deserves a rank in my choice!

You will definitely love its 17 inches wide mop head.

Usually, that’s what preliminary I would seek in a floor cleaning mop. And, with that extended head, it cleans the floor 70% quicker. Thus it’s being one of the efficient floor cleaners out there!

If we examine the durability of this cleaner, it will pass with high grades. The weight of the product is very light. There are two connection points with plastic protections, and the trigger is very smooth. A combination of these features has made the system highly efficient.

Thinking about longevity? Then, let’s talk a bit more…

It mainly depends on the provided microfiber pad’s quality. Because the trigger and other fitting options don’t get damaged soon. So, the pads are kind of like a major concern. And, these pads are super plush that can be washed by machines around 400 times.

Isn’t it a money-saving mop? I wouldn’t personally put an objection.

Additionally, the stain-free and residue less cleaning is a guarantee of this mop.

With this excellent cleaning system, you don’t even need to worry about stubborn stains. Besides you get an expedient scrub pad to clean the stuck-on stains or residues. Interestingly that gets done without any scratch on your vinyl floor.

Finally, there’s a grout brush, which can be used to clean stiff bristles easily. This brush has a chiseled and flared mop head, which does the cleaning part rigorously. You will get a dusting pad option and pad refill facility, really awesome, right?

  • Type: Spray + Floor mop
  • Comes with 32oz Liquid Cleaner
  • Includes:
    • 3 bottle-nozzle adapters
    • 1 Grout brush
    • 1 microfiber cleaning pad
    • 1 microfiber dusting pad
  • Pads are 400 times machine washable
  • Mop head length: 17”
  • Lightweight & easy application
  • Comfortable grip trigger-handle
  • Easy maneuver in tight spots
  • Long neck cleaner cartridge
  • Extreme flexibility


7. MANGOTIME – Microfiber Vinyl Floor Cleaning Spray Mop

If you are still stuck with traditional mops and wasting much of your time cleaning, this mop is the most suitable one for you. It’s a faster solution to that dirty floor!

When cleaning for a long time, it might cause back pain at a young age.

But with this mop, you don’t have to worry about that! This mop’s adjustable length feature can nullify back pain probability as you can adjust the length by three small flexible sticks. So the era of bending and cleaning is not a technique at all…!

The operation of this mop is very easy and simple.

All you need to do is fill the cleaning agent into the cleaning system’s attached sack, and you are ready to go. With this, you can mop and spray to clean up your desired place. Most importantly, you don’t need to carry a bulky bucket because you have a built-in smart bucket for water/cleaning solution.

The mop head is 360-degree swivel enabled. It’s how you can reach in a very narrow space, and clean properly. The cleaning pad is correctly locked with the mop head. And, that’s a crucial aspect of trouble-free cleaning.

The flagship feature of any modern cleaning system is the microfiber pad.

These pads can soak water, dust, or any other stubborn materials quickly. So, you get a residue-free surface at the end. Also, these microfiber pads are machine washable. That way you can reuse them and reduce the floor cleaning cost.

In fine, you’ll get a scrapper for dust cleaning and three bonus microfiber pads as replacements.  It saves a lot of time and effort. I don’t know what more could I possibly ask for? I would rather say, it’s a worthwhile investment for anyone struggling to deep clean their floor system!

  • Type: Spray + Floor mop
  • Handle length: 120cm
  • Pads size: 41cm X 16cm
  • Scraper: 19.5cm X 4.8cm
  • Comes with 1 refillable bottle
  • Reusable pads reduce cost
  • Convenient handle design
  • Fine nozzle sprays evenly
  • Saves your time and energy
  • Strong water absorption capability



Things to Consider Before Buying Vinyl Floor Cleaner 

Even though the vinyl surface isn’t as sensitive as stone or hardwood, it’s still important to select the right cleaning product. To do that, these are some of the important factors you should consider before buying one:

  • Weight, Design, And Construction 

Weight and design play a significant role when it comes to ease of use and maneuverability of a cleaner. Since you’re always going to move the cleaner around, choose a relatively lightweight product. As for the design, the unit should be ergonomic and convenient for hard-to-reach places.

Regarding the construction, opt for sturdy and robust brands that will guarantee durability. In that case, ensure that the mop heads and other components of the cleaner are made of durable and high-quality materials.

  • Suitability For Vinyl Surfaces 

Cleaning vinyl surfaces is a simple process that requires minimal effort. But, when you’ve got the right cleaner. The ideal product for cleaning vinyl surfaces should be simple to use and streak-free. Such as number 3 or, 6 on our list (above). Furthermore, choose one that is suitable for multiple actions.

  • Brand 

When choosing the best vinyl cleaner, the brand is yet another important factor you should consider. This is because all brands do not have the same quality. Some brands have a reputation for producing less effective and less durable cleaners than others. With that in mind, choose products from the top brands like Turbo Microfiber, Bona, and TETHYS.

  • Ingredients 

Avoid vinyl floor cleaners with abrasive formulas or high levels of VOCs. You must do that even if they’re good at removing tough stains, grease, and soil. This is because they might end up damaging your floor or contaminate the environment. Similarly, avoid products with harsh ingredients like alkyl phenol surfactants and petroleum chemicals. Such ingredients are harmful to people and pets.


How to Clean Vinyl Floor 

Over the past few years, vinyl floors have become a very popular flooring option among many homeowners, since they’re very versatile. They are more durable than classic wood flooring. Thus making them a great option for various spaces, including bathrooms and kitchens.

And when it comes to cleaning, the process is simple!

It requires very little effort and time when you’ve got the right tools. But, if you don’t know the right way to do it, you may not get the best results. So, in this segment, I’m going to give you an in-depth step-by-step tutorial on how to clean vinyl floors effectively.

Let’s take some time and learn how pros do it:

  • Everyday Cleaning

Leaving debris and dust on the floor can either scuff or damage its finish permanently. This is because the sharp edges of dirt can damage the floor surface over time. Similarly, fine grime particles remove the floor-finish slowly. It happens when someone tracks around the house with shoes and feet.

So, what is the best way to clean vinyl plank flooring?

Well, you’ll be surprised at how ridiculously easy that is! You just need to clean your vinyl plank every day. And to do that, you need a vacuum or broom. Alternatively, you can get yourself one of the vinyl cleaners listed above, especially since they’re designed for it.

However, regardless of the product you prefer, having a daily vinyl floor cleaning routine will always keep the surface dazzling guests!

  • Deep Cleaning

What if your vinyl floors require more cleaning than the daily routine? How do you restore the dully vinyl flooring? If those are some of the questions popping in your head, then you need to do some deep cleaning. After vacuuming up and sweeping the dust, use your favorite vinyl cleaner to finish the task.

You’ll need these things before you begin:

  1. Personal Safety Equipment’s
  2. Floor Scrubber
  3. Sweeper/Broom
  4. Water & Bucket
  5. Vinyl floor cleaner

After that, just follow these steps for excellent results;

STEP 1: Scrub the Floor

This helps to get rid of all the debris on the floor surface. While this step might appear messy, it will prepare the vinyl floor for the other cleaning measures.

STEP 2: Sweep Away the Debris

After abrading the surface, thoroughly sweep away those debris, dirt, and dust from the floor. Applying the cleaning solution before you remove the debris might cause them to stick to the surface. That’s why it is important to remove them. So, you can proceed to the next step neatly!

STEP 3: Rinse and Leave the Surface to Dry

Once you’ve removed the dust, it’s time to rinse the floor. Some products do not require rinsing, but it’s still a diligent step. Besides, rinsing the floor makes it cleaning the surface easier for the floor cleaner. It will also help you to determine whether the surface has any damage or scratches. Once done rinsing, leave it to air dry.

STEP 4: Apply the Cleaner

Have you chosen a cleaning solution already? Well, then let’s move into the final step. If not, choose the best product from the ones highlighted above. Once you have done that, apply that cleaning solution uniformly to the vinyl floors.

Use a mop with microfiber pads and rub it into the floor surface. Move it in one direction only, which is, along the grain of the floor. If you notice a certain mark or scratch, apply the cleaner to that particular area and rub it with a small cotton ball or cloth. When you’re done cleaning the floor, leave it to dry.



Choosing the best cleaner for vinyl floors can make a huge difference when it comes to maintenance and cleaning. That’s why I’ve tried to make it easier for other people looking for an answer. So, now you can see it’ pretty straight forward!

From residential to commercial vinyl floor spaces with high-traffic, our list is worth a check!

They can get the job done without affecting the overall finish of the floor. That way, it keeps the surface maintained and enhances its durability. Feel free to let us know which one did a good job for you. Put your suggestions into the comment box.

Thanks and stay safe!



  1. Will vinegar damage vinyl floors?

No, vinegar is considered to be a very effective vinyl cleaner, especially since it’s affordable and readily available. Furthermore, it does a great job of removing tough stains and dirt. Cleaning vinyl with vinegar is also a safe option for your kids, family, pets, and the environment.

  1. Can you use Pine-Sol on vinyl flooring?

Pine-Sol is designed for cleaning various types of floor surfaces, including vinyl plank flooring. However, it can cause hazing or discoloration to the vinyl. But, that can happen even with the safest cleaning solutions. Besides, if diluted properly, Pine sole is one of the safe liquid solutions out there. The ideal mixing ratio should be 1-gallon water with ¼ cup of pine sole.

  1. Can I steam clean vinyl floors?

NEVER steam clean your vinyl floors. Even though the LVT is built tough and PVC is waterproof, it cannot withstand high temperatures. So, just stick to a sweeper or mop.

  1. Can you put bleach on vinyl flooring?

Avoid cleaning your vinyl floor with bleach. Also, avoid other high-PH detergents like ammonia for that matter. They can eventually damage it since they’re corrosive. Instead, available vinyl cleaners have a neutral PH, like plain water or 1 oz. solution of mild dish detergent diluted with 1 gallon of water.

  1. Why is my vinyl floor turning yellow?

Yellowing on vinyl floors is usually caused by petroleum products like tar and asphalt. To remove the yellowing, follow the cleaning instruction provided by your vinyl manufacturer.

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