13 Best Metal Sandpapers Reviewed: 2022

It’s time to reveal the list of top 13 best sandpaper for metal surfaces.

But let me first ask you, are all sandpapers the same? Can each type of sandpaper be used on multiple numbers of surfaces?

Actually NO!!!

Sanding is an important step for metalworking. Especially when you tend to cut bumps and dents off the surface. The same applies to lots of other material surfaces. In order to achieve a smooth finished and glittering surface, you must use sandpapers.

But there’s a catch!

How do you select the best type of sandpaper for sanding a specific surface like metal? It’s really difficult when you have less knowledge about the girt and types. Alongside this, you should know that not all sandpapers are universal. In fact, based on the type and brand, they work on a few limited surfaces.

So you can see a pretty interesting but informative segment is still left behind. And without jumping into that segment, it’s tough for one to pick the suitable sandpaper for their needs. So, let’s scroll down to my segment and enjoy reading.

Got less time in hand? Here’s how my top picks will look like at a glance: –


Top 13 Best Sandpaper for Metal: Reviews

Utilizing the sandpaper for metal will ensure you obtain professional-looking outcomes. Therefore, before you start to sanding, it’s essential to compare the different abrasives that are available in the market.

This will help you to avoid ending up with an undesirable finish and also save you time.

This article aims at helping you determine the perfect sandpaper grain, grit and grade for a successful sanding project. We’ve analyzed over 50 different sandpapers from various trusted brands. And finally, here is our shortlist of the top 13 best sandpapers for sanding metal, and numerous others.


1. Assorted Grit Best Sandpaper for Metal, Automotive

Being number 1 on our list, this is a simple go-to product that is ideal for all general sanding needs!

The type of grit on these Miady assorted sandpaper is waterproof silicon carbide which is electro-coated. Electro-coating ensures that the abrasive is uniformly spread across the backing of the paper. This offers every sheet a great quality feel.

Thus, it’s an ideal multi-surface sandpaper as the name already said it.

Each pack consists of 36 sheets and includes 12 grit types, indicating that every sheet has 3 grit types. This allows you to use the sandpaper for various tasks ranging from auto bodywork to metal and many more.

You can easily identify the different grit types since they’re printed on the sandpaper’s back. It’s also worth noting that each sheet measures 9 by 3.6inches, although you can easily cut it into smaller pieces. Moreover, each sheet has been sized nicely and wraps accurately around most regular-sized sanding blocks.

The pack includes wet & dry sandpaper sheets with fine-grit grades that range between 1000 and 3000-grit. These wet & dry sandpapers tend to hold together effectively when subjected to wetted pressure.

This results in a critically smooth fine finish on the bodywork of your car. And that’s how it achieved the top ranking in the list of best metal sandpapers.

Features to note:
  1. Made with waterproof silicon carbide
  2. Each pack include 36 sheets with 12 grit types
  3. Can be utilized for both dry and wet sanding
  4. Electro-coated for uniform grit distribution
  5. It comes in the grit type of between 120 and 3000
  6. Ideal for metal, auto, and applications for polishing & buffing

Final thoughts: This product fits on the sanding surface perfectly. They are sufficiently sturdy and you can apply them with your hand without the sandpaper ripping. Nevertheless, the sandpaper isn’t quite long and it is not recommended for works where grit bonding isn’t the best quality.


2. WORKPRO 8-Hole Metal Sanding Discs Set

Imagine having a pack of sanding discs that you can fit in almost all universal orbital sanders. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Well, that is achievable if you buy this set of WORKPRO sandpapers.

These discs fit in various orbital sanders like Bosch, PORTER-CABLE, DEWALT, BLACK+DECKER and even Makita. They’ve got a diameter of 5 inches and includes 8 holes at the middle of each disc. The placement of these holes makes replacement and removal of grit quick.

Additionally, this increases the life of each sanding disc as they’ve been designed for efficient extraction of dust.

The entire set consists of 150 sanding discs, providing you with various grits you might need for various tasks. These orbital sander pads include ten different grit grades, ranging from 60 to 600-grit. The lower the number, the coarser the grit, and vice versa.

Similar to the orbital sanding discs we discussed earlier, the abrasive materials used to make these discs is aluminum oxide.

In addition to having premium quality, aluminum oxide is anti-clogging and durable. This enables it to provide a smooth finish and fast cut on various surfaces. For instance, they can be used to finish and grind on metal, non-metal surfaces and a lot more.

Features to note:
  1. 5-inch diameter sanding disc with eight 1-cm diameter holes
  2. The entire set consists of 150 disc
  3. 10 different grit grades, ranging from 60- 600 grit.
  4. Aluminum oxide abrasive material
  5. Compatible with most standard orbital sanders
  6. Can be used on various surfaces

Final thoughts: With about 10 different grit grades, you’ll find the best sandpaper to fit your task with WORKPRO sandpaper set. But the only important thing to consider is that it’s not for mouse sander or oscillating Tools.


3. Metal Grinding Zirconia Sanding Belts

These sanding belts have a distinctive green color. They’re also considered to be 5X tougher than the aluminum oxide abrasive material. Another great benefit of Zirconia alumina grits is that they’re self-sharpening.

This pack consists of 3 sanding belts, each having a different grit grade.

These grit grades include; 120, 80 and 40 grit. This indicates that this product isn’t ideal for polishing tasks. Instead, the sanding belts should be used for preparing metal sanding/grinding. As we previously stated, these sanding belts are made with a closed coat of Zirconia alumina grains.

Moreover, they’ve got a cloth backing of heavy-duty polyester.

Another great thing with these sanding belts is that they can be used for dry or wet applications. Moreover, they are ideal for various applications. Some of the applications include; weld removal, blade sharpening, stock removal, and metal grinding.

Additionally, they can be used for de-burring and finishing non-ferrous and ferrous metals.

The precision built and ultra-strong bi-directional joints of these belts ensure that they can be run in both directions. These belts have a high-quality top coating that reduces heat and build-up, thus allowing for a cool running abrasive.

Subsequently, this increases the life of the sanding belts.

Features to note:
  1. Made in the United States by Red Label Abrasives
  2. Made with Zirconia alumina grains
  3. Can be utilized for wet and dry applications
  4. Distinctive green color
  5. The entire pack includes 3 sanding belts

Final thoughts: The only limitation with Zirconia alumina sanding belts is that they require more sanding force than aluminum oxide sandpapers. Nonetheless, they’re ideal for sanding hard surfaces like metal.


4. SATC 12-Hole Mouse Sander Sandpaper Pads

Made by S SATC, this set of sandpaper pads will meet your requirements for various applications and materials.

These Mouse triangular sanding pads are ideal for sanding the hard-to-reach areas. The entire set consists of 50 sanding pads with 5 different grits. As for the dimensions, each pad measures 95 mm by 135 mm, making them ideal for 135 mm sanders.

The various grit grades of these pads include; 220, 150, 20, 80 and 60 grit.

Grit grades include fine, medium and coarse grades. This indicates that this assortment is versatile and can fit most sanding tasks. It’s also easy to identify sandpapers of various grit grades as they’re clearly labeled at the back.

Moreover, each sanding pad has twelve 6-mm wide holes, making them easy to attach to the sanders.

They are made with a premium coat of aluminum oxide grade. This makes the pads antistatic and durable. The durable Velcro backing on these sanding pads provides good adhesion and makes them easy to replace. Subsequently, these are ideal for polishing and finishing various surfaces.

Thereupon, these pads can be used to polish and grind metal, non-metal, and numerous other surfaces.

Features to note:
  1. Made with a premium coat of aluminum oxide grain
  2. Each pad has twelve 6-mm wide holes
  3. 5 different girt grades, ranging from 60 to 220 grit
  4. Consists of 50 sanding pads
  5. The size of each pad is 95 by 135 mm
  6. Durable Velcro backing

Final thoughts: We highly recommend this product, especially because of its affordability, excellent adhesion and durable grit.


5. Assorted Grit Wet-Dry Metal Sandpaper

Are you looking for cheap yet durable sandpaper that you use for various tasks?

If your answer is yes, then this FRIMOONY wet dry assorted sandpapers should be your first option. They’re ideal for the metal or furniture finishing, and automotive sanding.

FRIMOONY wet dry sandpapers are made with silicon carbide.

They are also electro-coated to ensure even distribution of grit, making them ideal for dry or wet sanding. This is mainly due to the fact that they don’t fall apart, crumble or tear off during use. The packs come with 90 sheets of 9 different grits ranging from 240 to 3000 grit.

This simply means that each grit type is found in 10 sheets.

Moreover, the sheets are easy to identify since they’re marked at the back of the paper. It’s also worth noting that every sheet measures 9 by 3.6 inches and 239 cm long. For this purpose, these sheets are long enough to be placed on the sanding block or use with hands.

You can also cut the sheets into any smaller size that you need.

Features to note:
  1. Made with silicon carbide
  2. Comes in a set of 90 different sandpapers
  3. 9 different grit types ranging from 240 to 3000-grit
  4. Electro-coated, thus offering a lasting performance
  5. Great length to utilize in sanding blocks
  6. Ideal for both wet and dry conditions

Final thoughts: Despite the fact that some users claimed the edges of these sandpapers were too sharp, they’re pretty affordable. Therefore, it’s the best option for anyone looking for a cheap yet effective product.


6. Coceca Assorted Grit Orbital Sanding Discs – 5 inches

Here’s number 4, another type of the orbital sanding disc sandpaper. It will be a great addition to your orbital sander kit.

The entire package consists of 80 circular sanding discs from Coceca. These pieces are sufficient for high speed sanding on various surfaces. As such, you can use them to polish and grind metal, non-metal surfaces and many more.

These sanding discs come in eight different needs.

The various grit grades include; 320, 240, 180, 150, 100, 80, 60 and 40. For this reason, they can meet most of your general polishing needs. Under every grit grade, you’ll find 10 pieces of sanding discs. Moreover, they’re durable, antistatic and made using premium quality alumina abrasives.

The discs are specifically designed to fit in Random Orbital sanders.

You can easily remove and stick them to a Random orbital sander without using any tool. Moreover, these discs are ideal for the eight-hole hook side with the Velcro sanding pad. However, replace old Velcro sanding pads and clean the dust before use.

Each Sanding disc has a diameter of 5 inches and consists of 8 holes for creating hook and loop. Having 8 holes at the center of the sanding discs makes changing the discs quick and convenient.

Features to note:
  1. The entire package consists of 80 discs
  2. 5-inch discs that fit in various orbital sanders
  3. Made with premium quality aluminum oxide
  4. Comes in 8 different grit grades
  5. Ideal for various surfaces

Final thoughts: Since these sanding discs are circular, they can be used on complicated parts of metal workpieces. Additionally, they can be used to make the task fine.


7. Flexible Aluminum Oxide Ultra Fine Sanding Belts

If you’re looking for flexible sanding belts, we highly doubt you’ll find better ones than this product from Red Label Abrasives.

They are premium quality sanding belts designed for metalworking, knife making among other applications. This pack comes includes with 6 ultra-fine sanding belts of 1500 grit grade. The belts are made with premium aluminum oxide abrasive material.

All sanding belts have similar dimensions, with each measuring 2 by 14 inches.

One thing that you’ll definitely like about these sanding belts is that they’ve got a long cutting life. They’ve been constructed ultra-strong, such that they never slip out of their position. This will enable you to grind the targeted area precisely and create even sanding.

In addition, these belts have a bi-directional joint tape that runs in both directions.

These sanding belts can also be used both on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. They’re arguably the best metal sanding belts, which is why we highly recommend them.

Features to note:
  1. Only includes the 1500 grit grade
  2. Each sanding belt measures 2 by 42 inches
  3. The pack consists of 6 sanding belts
  4. Hand-built in the United States by Red Label Abrasives
  5. Made with aluminum oxide abrasive material
  6. Perfect for polishing and ultra-fine finishing various materials

Final thoughts: As compared to the Zirconia alumina belts we discussed earlier, these aluminum oxides belts are more durable. They are more flexible and can be used for both dry and wet applications.


8. Trizact 5000 Grit Performance Sandpaper

Although you can use cheap sandpapers to sand the 1st coat, you’ll need quality sandpaper for the final coat. One such sandpaper that is ideal for the final coat is this 3M Trizact performance sandpaper.

3M Trizact sandpaper comes with a grit type of 5000.

Moreover, this sandpaper results in a refined surface finish and it’s incredibly consistent. For this reason, it is the perfect abrasive for polishing, although you can still utilize it for detailed surface finishing.

This sandpaper has a precise and sturdy abrasive pattern that resembles pyramids. Actually, it has an identical 3-dimensional structure which offers fast cuts. Additionally, it includes a tough, lightweight and comfortable foam.

This sandpaper can be used to sand various surfaces such as drywall and automotive bodywork. It’s the best option if you’re looking for an abrasive that will remove extremely fine sand scratches.

It reduces the need to compound as well as polishing time.

Furthermore, you can use this sandpaper for wet sanding when you want to reduce dust. This will in return prolong the life of the sheet, control dust and minimize clogging.

Features to note:
  1. Ideal for automotive bodywork repairs
  2. Includes 1 sheet measuring 9.3 by 22 cm
  3. High-end abrasive for both dry and wet sanding
  4. Has the ability to remove extremely fine sand particles
  5. Comfortable and tough foam-backed abrasive
  6. Sturdy and precise abrasive pattern

Final Thoughts: When using this sandpaper sheet, adhering to the Body Repair System from 3M will help you obtain the best outcomes. This will enable you to work conveniently and efficiently since they’ve simplified the entire repairing process.


9. Fine Grit Aluminum Oxide Sandpaper

Are you looking for the finest grade sandpaper to use on various materials like paint or metal?

If you are, then this 3M Aluminum Oxide sandpaper maybe your best option. You can either this sandpaper with the appropriate sanding machine or by hand. Whatever the case, the sandpaper always results in the finest surface. Therefore, you can utilize it to level a metallic surface or even clear blemishes.

Apart from being versatile, this sandpaper will change your coarse surfaces to fine and polished surfaces. Multipurpose sandpapers are usually more expensive than other sandpapers. However, that isn’t the case with this 3M Aluminum Oxide sandpaper.

Instead, it’s among the most affordable brands you will get on the market today.

Additionally, it can be found in versatile sanding sponges that can be used for contoured and flat surfaces. The package has an elegant design and includes 9 sandpaper sheets, with each sheet measuring 9 by 11 inches.

This makes them perfect for wrapping around and trimming dost most standard sanding blocks.

Features to note:
  1. Used to sand metal, paint, and many others
  2. Long-lasting backing and fits in most sanding blocks
  3. Each pack has 9 sheets measuring 9 by 11 inches
  4. Elegant finish and design

Final Thoughts: This sandpaper is highly effective and doesn’t leave any coarse spots or blemish on surfaces. Nonetheless, the sheets are considerably smaller. Therefore, you might need to buy a couple of them when sanding a larger surface.


10. Hook & Loop Adhesive Metal Sanding Discs Sandpaper

S-SATC sanding discs can be found in a pack of 72 pieces, with 7 different grades. Twelve of these sanding discs have 40 grit grade. The remaining 60 discs have 6 different grits including 320, 240, 180, 120, 80 and 60 grit grade.

Different grit grades ensure you get the ideal grit for various sanding and polishing needs.

Every sanding disc in the pack has a diameter of 5-inch/125 mm and has eight pre-pieced holes. The holes make these sanding discs perfect for random orbital sanders. Moreover, the disc features an open coat of aluminum oxide, which is a durable and hard abrasive material.

Besides, the material is antistatic and provides a durable grit.

The Velcro backing on the discs makes it easy to stick to random orbital sanders. Additionally, the backing prevents them from falling off during use.

The open coat gives a uniform and consistent scratch pattern. Moreover, the unique stearate coating maximizes pilling and clogging, thus providing better surface finishes. This also makes the disc ideal for polishing and cleaning effect.

The variety of sanding discs in this package ensures that this product can be used in several applications. These applications include polishing and grinding of metallic and non-metallic materials.

Features to note:
  1. Made with aluminum oxide abrasive material
  2. Includes seven different grit grades, ranging from 40 to 320 grit.
  3. 72 5-inch diameter discs with eight holes
  4. Compatible with random orbital sanders

Final thoughts: These orbital sander discs ideal for a variety of materials including metals. This pack is quite affordable and the discs are suitable for 5-inch random orbit sander.


11. Knife Makers Coarse Grit Sanding Belts

This is another extremely reliable knife sanding belt manufactured by Red Label Abrasives.

It’s a popular player in the sanding industry and trusted by many professionals. With over 35 years’ experience, all their sanding belts are hand-built and constructed with excellent quality and craftsmanship.

One such product is these Knife Makers Sanding belts. 

This pack consists of 6 sanding belts, each having a different grit grade. These grit grades include; 150, 120, 80, 60, 40 and 36 grit. The sanding belts with 36-120 grit are made with zirconia alumina abrasive material.

On the other hand, the 150-grit sanding belt is made with aluminum oxide abrasive material. This product is considered to have the best sanding belts for knife sharpening and knife making. And they can be used to sand your metal items.

However, they’re specifically designed for knife making.

The sanding belts have been designed to be bi-directional, ensuring they can run in both directions. Moreover, they’ve got a resin bonding that helps in reducing the heat overload. These knife making sanding belts are water-resistant.

Due to that reason, these are ideal for wet as well as dry applications.

Features to note:
  1. Specifically designed for knife making
  2. Includes 6 sanding belts with different grit grades
  3. Hand-built in the United States by Red Label Abrasives
  4. Each sanding belt measures 1 by 30 inches
  5. Water-resistant for dry or wet applications

Final Thoughts: Overall, Red Abrasive is an amazing set of sanding belts. They are ideal for sharpening and honing knives as well as other tools. Additionally, they can fit in every 1X30-inch belt sander.


12. Coceca Assorted Grit Wet Dry Sandpaper

Extremely durable sandpaper sheets that can either be used for personal or professional purposes!

Coceca wet dry sandpaper sheets can be used in various applications. Moreover, you can either use the sheets on dry or wet surfaces since the surfaces are uniformly distributed. However, the abrasion gets dull over time, although the paper doesn’t break, crumple or tear a bit.

Another great thing is that this package comes at a very affordable price.

This sandpaper from Coceca comes as a set that includes 54 sheets. Moreover, these sheets may be grouped into 6 grades, each having 9 pieces. It’s also worth noting that the 6 grades range from 1000 – 5000-grit. The sheets are made with superior waterproof silicon carbide.

The size of every sheet measures 9 by 3.6 inches and they can be utilized for various tasks since they’re versatile. Alternatively, you can keep the sheets for future use if you currently don’t use all the 54 sheets.

Because of advancements in production technology, this sandpaper great toughness. It also provides a great polishing effect as well as high efficiency. For this reason, it doesn’t fall apart when applied for dry or wet sanding.

Moreover, it’s ideal for polishing and grinding metal and automotive parts.

Features to note:
  1. Backed with flexible and high-quality latex
  2. The pack includes 54 sheets, grouped into 6 grades.
  3. Includes a long warranty
  4. Affordable price
  5. Versatile use

Final Thoughts: Apart from producing high-quality products, the manufacturer of this sandpaper is committed to offering great customer services. Moreover, you’ll get a one-year warranty and 45-day money-back guarantee once you purchase this sandpaper.


13. BAISDY Wet Dry Sandpaper for Metal Rust

Looking for sandpaper with an ideal selection of various grits? Well, have a look at this BAISDY wet & dry sandpaper! The entire package consists of 45 sheets with 8 different grits ranging from 400 to 3000 grit.

Therefore, each grit is found on 5 sheets.

This is wet & dry sandpaper that will perfectly suit all your sanding needs. As a matter of fact, it includes a great assortment that ranges from superfine to fine sandpaper. For this reason, you can utilize it for polishing and cleaning metal and automotive jobs.

The sandpaper sheets that come with this pack are long-lasting and have handy sizes. They are made with waterproof silicon carbide and they’re electro-coated. Therefore, these sheets can be perfectly used for wet and dry sanding.

The size of each sheet is 9 by 3.6 inches.

You can easily fold and cut these sheets to fit any workpiece crevice or hand tool. You can easily identify the various grit types since they’re indicated at the back. This pack will enable you to have a great choice that will fit in any kind of project.

Features to note:
  1. Includes 45 sheets with 9 different grits
  2. Made with waterproof silicon carbide & electro-coated
  3. Suitable for metals and a lot of others
  4. Ideal for both dry and wet use

Final Thoughts: The fact that this product includes a great assortment makes it the best option when undertaking projects requiring multiple grits.


Orbital Sander Vs. Belt Sander

Despite the fact that they’re both sanders, an orbital sander and belt sander are two pretty different tools. Nonetheless, they’ve some things in common too. For instance, they’re both powerful tools that shape and smooth surfaces using sandpaper. The difference sets in when it comes to how they do their business.

For this reason, these two sanders have extremely different applications and specialties. So, let’s dig deeper and see how these sanders are different.

1. Belt Sanders:

Since belt sanders are huge, they’re intended to quickly remove a lot of undesirable material from the surface. They can be found in 4 basic sizes, ranging from 3 by 18 inches up to 4 by 24 inches. The most popular belt sander is the 3 by 21inches since it’s the simplest to control and most versatile.

Basically, a belt sander is a motor attached to 2 rotating drums. When the 2 drums turn, these sanders move the sandpaper belt that is then run across the surface. Belt sanders are ideal for working on big, flat surfaces.

One thing that you should be aware that they can strip off the surface and the coating materials. Therefore, you can use them to finish and strip down the entire surface. However, they aren’t a great option for finesse shaping or work since they’re made for straightforward sanding.

2. Orbital sander:

Orbital sanders are lightweight, handheld sanding tools that give you great flexibility when sanding. Unlike belt sanders, orbital sanders have high finesse and precision. As the term suggests, orbital sanders move the fixed sandpaper sheet in small circles known as orbits.

They specialize in performing small tasks where finishing and shaping are needed instead of grinding off paint from the surface.

However, although orbital sanders are perfect for smoothening curved surfaces, they lack the power needed to remove paints and stains.


Different types of Metal Sandpapers

It’s always wise to know your tools before you start a project. For instance, there are various types of sandpapers in the market, with each having different applications. The grit in the sandpaper is what makes them perform a different function from the others.

Basically, there are 6 main kinds of sandpaper grits, that is, silicon carbide, glass, ceramic, garnet, emery, and aluminum oxide. Let us go through each one of them:

1. Silicon Carbide

These types of sandpapers are extremely useful for sanding wet surfaces as well as polishing metals.

2. Glass

Glass sandpapers are the best option for anyone searching for a lightweight sanding material that disintegrates comfortably. The paper has a pale-yellow color and it’s ideal for smoothing and polishing.

3. Ceramic

Ceramic sandpapers have incredible durability and they’re highly time-efficient. They’re the best option when you’re intending to work on many surfaces. In addition, they work with both manual operation and power sanders.

4. Garnet

Garnet sandpapers have a brownish-red color. The only limitation of this sandpaper is that it works slower on wood than the other sandpapers. However, it produces a perfect finish on the surface.

5. Aluminum Oxide

This type of sandpaper can be used on all types of surfaces and it’s even considered to be a jack of all trades. Most electric sanding machines use aluminum oxide sandpapers because of their durability.


Things to look before Buying Metal Sandpapers

Knowing how to select good metal sandpaper will ensure you have the right object for the appropriate purpose. Additionally, it will simplify and speed up your sanding project. As we previously stated, different sandpapers are intended for different surfaces. Moreover, there various sandpaper brands in the market.

Therefore, to ensure you get the best metal sandpaper that will meet your needs, you should consider the following factors:

1. Type of abrasive

Sandpapers are mostly made with either artificial or natural abrasive. Examples of natural abrasives are garnet, flint, and emery. Sandpapers made with natural abrasives are ideal for removing blemishes and rust.

Conversely, artificial abrasives include zirconia alumina, aluminum oxide, and silicon carbide. Sandpapers that are made with artificial abrasives are ideal for hand-sanding. However, they’re commonly as good as those made with natural abrasives.

Emery and garnet are the most common abrasives in the sandpapers. Emery sandpapers work well for power and hand sanding. This is due to the fact that emery has finer grits for polishing metal and coarse grit for removing rust. On the other hand, garnet work is perfect for eliminating light scratches and work well on raw surfaces.

By knowing the various types of abrasives, you’ll be able to choose the one that suits your work perfectly.

2. Backing material

There are usually 3 types of backing materials used in sandpapers. They include; ordinary paper, cloth and waterproof paper. In most cases, the type of backing materials determines the price of the sandpaper.

For instance, sandpapers with ordinary paper are usually cheaper than those with cloth and waterproof materials. Waterproof backing materials are ideal for working in both wet and dry conditions. However, if you’re looking for flexibility, the one with the cloth paper can be a great option.

3. Grit numbers

This simply refers to the abrasive grains on the sandpaper. Higher grit numbers indicate that the sandpaper has smaller particles. They don’t eliminate a lot of unwanted material from the surfaces. However, they tend to leave an extremely fine surface.

On the contrary, smaller grit numbers are ideal for removing large particles. Nonetheless, they aren’t the best option if you need a polished surface. Therefore, you should check out the grit number based on the type of surface you wish to attain.

Other factors that you consider when buying metal sandpapers include price, brand and customer reviews. However, the 3 we’ve mentioned above are the most crucial ones that you should consider before you make your choice.


 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: Can you use orbital sanders on metals?

Answer: Yes. Actually, an orbital sander is one of the most commonly used tools in metal sanding. This is mainly due to the fact that they do hard work easily and very quickly.

2. Question: Is an orbital sander better than a palm sander?

Answer: Orbital sanders are handheld tools that spin a sanding disc in circular motions. On the other hand, palm sander is lightweight and the smallest sander model you can get in the market today. The question is: between a palm sander and orbital sander, which one is better?

Basically, the best sander between these two depends on the job at hand. For instance, an orbital sander is more suited where more material should be moved or required to work on big pieces. Why does this matter? This is due to the fact that they’re more heavy-duty and cover larger areas as compared to palm sanders.  Orbitals sanders are therefore the best option when you want to quickly remove paint or prepare metal surfaces for painting.

However, orbital sanders tend to leave noticeable marks and the surfaces are not very smooth. Therefore, palm sanders will be the best option if you don’t intend to paint the surface after sanding.

3. Question: Is orbital sander function similar to the random orbital sander?

Answer: An orbital sander has a square pad that tends to consistently in an orbit motion. In addition, it sands less aggressively and more slowly than the random orbit sander. However, they have the ability to sand into corners, something random-orbit machines can’t do.

4. Question: What type of sandpaper do you use on metal?

Answer: Manufacturers sell finishing papers that are specifically intended for polishing metals. It is recommended that you pick either silicon carbide sandpapers or, aluminum oxide sandpapers. Soft carbide is ideal for softer metals like brass and aluminum. On the other hand, aluminum oxide is good for sanding hard metals like steel and iron.

5. Question: Can I use an orbital sander to remove paint?

Answer: Yes. Orbital sanders utilize spinning heads so as to scrape away any paint from the surface. Moreover, they use various sand-discs from fine-grain polishers to heavy-grit sanding discs. The sander simply spins along the surface with the paint.

6. Question: How do you prepare metal for painting?

Answer: For the purpose of ensuring longevity and quality of metal coatings, sufficient surface preparation is important. Hence, surfaces can be prepared for painting by cleaning with mineral spirits and applying a primer. Mineral spirits remove grease while the primer inhibits rusting. However, for painted surfaces, remove the peeling and loose paint by scraping, sanding or hand wire brushing.

7. Question: Is there different sandpaper for metal and aluminum?

Answer: Yes. Soft carbide is the best sandpaper for aluminum. They are also suitable for other softer metals like brass. On the other hand, aluminum oxide is good for sanding hard metals like steel and cast iron.

8. Question: How do you smooth out metal edges?

Answer: Using 220-grit sandpaper, start smoothing out the metal edges with light strokes. After all the rough edges have been removed, exchange the sandpaper with the finer-grit paper. When the surface is smooth, use the polishing pan to remove metal dust and make it appear shiny.

9. Question: Can you sand steel?

Answer: Yes. Just like any other metals, you can also sand steel using sandpaper. However, the grit to use will depend on the results you wish to accomplish and the surface you are sanding. Moreover, you can use steel wool so as to smoothen the surface.

10. Question: How do you wet sand aluminum?

Answer: Spray water on the surface of the aluminum and wipe it clean using a clean towel. Then apply the degreaser solution on the surface and wipe it clean. Repeat the process of spraying water on the surfaces and keep it wet during the entire process. Start sanding with wet 180-grit sandpaper and then proceed to 320-grit and 600-grit sandpaper repeating the previous steps. When you’re done with the sanding process, clean the wet aluminum surface and wipe it clean using a clean rag.


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