10 Best Glue for Metal to Metal in 2022 – Shiny Bathroom

Amazingly, my sincere investigation has brought to you another well-researched article. And it has got a rock-solid decision-making guide in finding the best glue for metal to metal bonding. These glues are useable on – steel, copper, silver, brass, chrome, iron, stainless steel, aluminum, and cast materials, etc.

Besides some are versatile i.e. they are multi-surface glue. It’s IMPORTANT to note!

While gluing, most of the time the failure is caused by the lack of choosing the right glue. With the right glue, this is easy and the bonding happens almost instantly. Thus, the end result is strong and reliable.


Manufacturers are concerned about producing multipurpose adhesives that can stick to various surfaces. Thus they’ve broken the limitation of being confined to be chosen for one specific purpose of use. Therefore, the glue that works on metal can also stick to various other surfaces as well.

Just for YOU!

Below is a quick comparison table to have a look at the whole segment at a glance. Products are in their ascending ranking order as per my suggestion for you. So, let’s scroll down a little bit:

  • Sets in: 5 Minutes
  • Cures in (hours): 24
  • Versatile: Yes
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Loctite Ultra Gel Control Metal Glue
  • Sets in: 1 Minute
  • Cures in (hours): 24
  • Versatile: Yes
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Loctite Liquid Professional Super Glue
  • Sets in: 30 Seconds
  • Cures in (hours): 24
  • Versatile: Yes
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Gorilla 2 Part Metal Epoxy
  • Sets in: 5 Minutes
  • Cures in (hours): 24
  • Versatile: Yes
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J-B Weld, SteelStik Epoxy Putty
  • Sets in: 5 Minutes
  • Cures in (hours): 1
  • Versatile: Only Metals
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KwikWeld Quick Setting Metal Glue
  • Sets in: 6 Minutes
  • Cures in (hours): 6
  • Versatile: Yes
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Reviews of 10 Best Glue for Metal to Metal:

Firstly, these are flexible and reliable with the strength and effectiveness to withstand rough conditions and weather. As intended, I made sure these gules can be used as metal bonding adhesives. And it should cover surfaces – steel, copper, silver, brass, iron, stainless steel, aluminum, and cast materials, etc.

Besides, I have found that some are multipurpose that is a plus point, YES!

Alongside this, I was very much keen on picking the top-rated and leading glues with consonant criticism from other consumers. And then finally reviewed them here in my article to ensure this will serve as an essential guide for you in shopping for the right glue for your appropriate use. And that’s what made them to me, the top 10 metal gluing products?

Let’s sit back and allow me a moment!


1. E6000 237032 Craft Adhesive, 2 fl oz Clear

E6000 is a Non-flammable, general-purpose adhesive made with industrial-strength. It’s one of the best adhesive for bonding metal to metal and many others like wood or, glass, etc.

The special formulation of the glue makes it perfect for crafters, as it does not create an instant bond. It will take about 5 minutes to make adjustments and you will have to allow 24 hours to cure.

However depending on the type of materials, you are gluing, curing can take up to 48-72 hours. Therefore if you are looking for a fast curing bond, this glue may NOT be the perfect option, but if you can wait, you will love the end result.

This easy to use glue comes in a single tube and is formulated to meet high performance. Therefore, call it a remarkable adhesive for metal bonding and repairing projects. Being waterproof, this adhesive is Washer/dryer safe & photo safe. As such when cured it can get in touch with water without damage.

Most importantly you would love to know that!

It is paintable when dries completely, and able to withstand the utmost weather conditions (hot/cold). Thus it will create a strong permanent and brittle free bond that lasts longer.

Features at a glance:
  1. 2-ounce tube with built-in applicator
  2. Available in 2 different colors
  3. Curing time is a little longer
  4. Paintable general purpose glue
  5. Can withstand -40 to 180 ⁰F
  6. Flexible and Temperature resistant
  7. Photo safe & Washer/dryer safe
  8. Non-flammable & multipurpose glue

Things to consider: Take your time, then apply carefully, then sit back to let it work as it’s formulated to. I said it that way – because it’s not a fast-setting glue and NOT RECOMMENDED for a rush job.


2. Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue 4-Gram (1363589)

Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue is one of the high-rated glues for metal that will never disappoint. The company has been making high-quality adhesives for over 5 decades and this particular one is special in many ways.

It comes with a special formula that is toughened using rubber. As a result, it is an instant adhesive and will provide a super-tough bond that is resistant to impact, shock and vibration. In addition, it can tolerate extreme temperatures.

Due to its nature, it can also be used for instant repairs as it will set and dry without any need for clamping and it’s safe for outdoor work.

Why Loctite Super Glue…?

The side-squeeze design is patented and it gives you maximum control and airtight storage. Therefore, the application is easy and when applied the gel will stay in place. Hence, it eliminates the issues of dripping or running off the place.

Another thing that you would love to know about this Glue is the fact that it is resistant to most chemicals, cold temperatures, and even moisture. With trusted performance, this is a high-quality metal adhesive with proven results that has a wide range of applications.

Features at a glance:
  1. Superb dispense control
  2. Side-squeeze design
  3. Ultra-gel control, No dripping
  4. Excellent on vertical surfaces
  5. Can withstand shock and vibration
  6. Dries clear & Multipurpose glue
  7. Resistant to weather
  8. No clamping needed
  9. Extremely durable Rubberized formulation
  10. Fast setting in 1 min, and 24 hours full curing

Things to consider: This glue might NOT WORK with foam rubber, polystyrene foams, polyethylene and polypropylene types of materials.


3. Loctite Liquid Professional Super Glue 20-Gram Bottle (1365882)

Loctite Liquid Professional Super Glue is NOT your ordinary super glue. With superior bonding performance, it is an excellent adhesive for metal to metal. It efficiently holds the joint faster and stronger.

With topnotch bonding strength formulation, this glue is ready to use for the metal parts of your car, wiper blades, and even the O-rings.

You would love to know!

This glue is lucid when dries and will require only about 15-30 seconds setting in place and attaining supreme durability. Besides, this glue comes in an easy to squeeze bottle that has an extra-long tip with pin-point nozzle, which allows applying glue to the most critical-to-reach surfaces, with NO dripping & oozing.

You will thank its patented technology!

With the ability to withstand extreme heat waves and cold temperatures, it can be used for minor repairs as well as heavy-duty projects. It comes with an attractive airtight package that allows you to re-use over and again.

Features at a glance:
  1. Easy to squeeze 20-Gram bottle
  2. Nozzle with an anti-clog pin cap
  3. Sets in about 15-30 seconds
  4. Resistant to temperature, water, and shock
  5. Extra-long tip for critical surfaces
  6. Works on various materials

Things to consider: NOT SUITABLE with foam rubber, polystyrene foams, polypropylene, and polyethylene types of materials. Fast setting metal glue, almost IMPOSSIBLE to undo if you make a mistake.


4. Gorilla 2 Part Epoxy, 5 Minute Set, .85 ounce Syringe, Clear

With 3300 PSI bonding strength, Gorilla 2 Part Epoxy is incredibly strong and durable. It is one of the top-rated glues that will provide a strong and permanent bond in just about 5 minutes.

Being water-resistant this metal glue can withstand moderate level water exposure. And it has been proven to provide you with enhanced and reliable performance on multiple indoor and outdoor surface applications.

Once it is cured, it is non-toxic, solvent and will have a clear translucent finishing that will give you a spotless impression. From household to automotive repairs, the special gap-filling formula of Gorilla 2 Part Epoxy glue will work like wonder.

It is easy to use and comes with a syringe that includes a re-sealable cap to ensure multiple uses. The syringe has smooth & perfect dispense control with the two separate barrels, one for the epoxy resin and the other one is for the hardener.

With this glue, the chances of positioning mistakes are almost ZERO, as it sets slower than the instant adhesives and you get enough time to reposition the metal pieces for an indefectible ending.

When storing, it will not harden because of the two airtight barrels that are separate. And this makes it one of the worthwhile adhesive to have in your possession.

Features at a glance:
  1. Hardener and resin in separate barrels
  2. Comes with a syringe for dispensing
  3. Sets in 5 minutes, 24 hours full curing
  4. Solvent resistant
  5. Dries clear, leaving a clean finish
  6. Pack includes cap, stir stick & mixing tray

Things to consider: For this glue, before you can start applying first you will NEED TO MIX the two things – epoxy resin & hardener together. But if you feel it’s a pain, you should look for the number 1, 2 or, 3 above.


5. KwikWeld Quick Setting Steel Reinforced Epoxy (by J-B Weld)

With the capability to endure high temperatures up to 300 ⁰F, the J-B KwikWeld is a great option to consider as a trustworthy metal glue for your automotive, marine, industrial, plumbing, home repairs, and more.

Famous for its 2424 PSI extensible binding potency. Due to that, it repairs a dependable and long-lasting bond to your metal pieces. The quick setting formula is reinforced and it comes as a 2-part epoxy. Known as the best glue for metal to metal, plastic, wood and what not?

You will be glad to know!

It takes less than 6 minutes to set and would need about 4 to 6 hours to be fully cured. After the curing, the bond will be permanent with a legendary performance that can be sanded, tapped, shaped and even drilled.

Just before you can start applying it, you will need to mix the hardener and the steel together with a 1:1 ratio. And it will give you a bond tougher than steel, which is firm and ideal for long-lasting repairs.

For an effective application, it comes with clear step by step instructions on how to use the glue. And if you need to store it after use, it will be safe as the hardener and resin are not in the same barrel.

Features at a glance:
  1. Sets in 6 minutes
  2. 4 to 6 hours full curing
  3. Dark grey in color
  4. Versatile bonding uses
  5. 2424 PSI extensible binding potency
  6. Endure temperatures up to 300 ⁰F

Things to consider: NOT simple to use as the single bottle gules. The Mixture ratio has to be controlled MANUALLY which is a frustration compared to product number 4 above (Gorilla 2 Part Epoxy glue).


6. Amazing GOOP 160012 Automotive Adhesive – 3.7 fl. oz.

The name already introduces AMAZING GOOP as the type of automotive contact adhesive that is formulated to seal and create a strong permanent bond for automotive metal repairs.

Besides, it can also be used for – floor mats, car seats, convertible tops, vinyl tears stopping, windshield sealing, car headlights repairing, sealing hose leaks, creating a durable bond to vibration-proof screws and many more.

That’s how it would be a perfect choice when fixing your car parts.

This versatile glue works as an excellent sealant for auto repairs and bonding various types of materials. It has the capability to insulate your electrical wiring lines, and strongly set the side molding strips & emblems in its right place.

Being waterproof and paintable, this single component sealant glue can achieve a famous name for its impressive trusted performance on most indoor and outdoor surface applications.

If you are looking for heavy-duty metal glue, then the Amazing GOOP is the right choice.

You can make use of this glue to stick and prevent corrosion on the surfaces. Thus achieve a flexible hold, which does not break, or crack even under pressure. Likewise, it works well on items that may be subject to vibration.

Features at a glance:
  1. Sunlight/UV resistant
  2. Heat resistant up to 150 ⁰F
  3. Resists abrasion
  4. Dries clear
  5. Multipurpose glue and sealant
  6. Waterproof & Paintable

Things to consider: This glue is NOT FOOD SAFE, and so not recommended using on items that come in touch with food, animals, and drinking water, etc.


7. J-B Weld 8267 SteelStik Steel Reinforced Epoxy Putty Stick – 2 oz.

My choice for METAL repairing!!!

This has really drawn my attention with its mind-blowing features as one of the best super glue for metal.

For over 5 decades the company J-B Weld is creating the world’s strongest bonding glues that are tougher than steel. And the 8267 SteelStik is just a wonder for an exceptional and perfect ending of your repairing projects.

This one is hand-mixable, non-rusting, steel-reinforced epoxy putty for strong repairing. And know as one of the best glue for aluminum, stainless steel,  steel, copper, iron, bronze, & brass, etc.

Once you mix it, it will form a polymer compound used to build up, molded into shapes, patch and reconstruct components.

With 900 PSI bonding durability, this glue sets in 5 minutes and cures super-fast in just about 1 hour. This makes it to be worthwhile and stands out among others that cures slower even with higher PSI strength.

Well, you’re probably getting me wrong at this point!!!

Of course, higher PSI indicates higher bonding endurance. But this one is different and is confined to be called super glue for METAL. Once cured completely, this rock-solid paintable epoxy filler can be drilled, machined, tapped, or even filed.

With enhanced performance, SteelStik is great to use for a variety of metal bonding projects. As such you might apply it on – automotive and machine parts, stripped threads, plumbing and a wide range of household repairs.

That’s why I call it the best epoxy glue for metal and WANT YOU to give it a try.

Features at a glance:
  1. Made in the USA
  2. Certified by NSF
  3. Cure color is dark grey
  4. Drinking water safe
  5. Sets in 5 minutes, Cures in 1 hour
  6. Net weight is 2 Ounce
  7. Heat resistant up to 300 ⁰F

Things to consider: This glue might NOT WORK well for metal to glass repairing.


8. Aleene’s 94830 Jewelry & Metal Glue 3/Pkg.1oz

Aleene’s 94830 is one of the most reputable Glue. Specially made to be used for Jewelry and Metal repairs and bonding.

With strong adhesion capability, this glue works excellent for bonding metal components. And it can also be used for some other additional materials that come up along the jewelry products.

It is an instant adhesive which is known to dry quite fast and you SHOULD BE careful as there is no room for mistakes. Moreover, it dries clear (although NOT very shiny) and creates a strong permanent bond that will not crack easily.

It comes with 3 tubes in a pack where each tube is .1oz, perfect for light or semi-light repairing projects. The gel formula gives it ultra-control from running or dripping as such, it will hold fast in place and the bond will be permanent.

Features at a glance:
  1. Tube & nozzle system
  2. Waterproof glue for metal
  3. Fast setting & Dries clear
  4. Three .1oz tubes in a single pack
  5. Made by the USA, very light cost
  6. Ultra control with gel-formula

Things to consider: Perfect for an instant bonding on rigid materials, so the reverse saying is that it is NOT RECOMMENDED to use on stretchable items like rubber/elastic as they will lose their elasticity at points in contact with the glue.


9. Permatex 84109 PermaPoxy 4 Minute Multi-Metal Epoxy, 0.84 oz.

I call it “STUFF GENTLEMAN!!!”

Put hands down for all your metal repairing or rebuilding projects. Because the Permatex 84109 two-part metal to metal epoxy adhesive will do the work like a charm. It is known to be an excellent super glue with strong bonding power.

The filler system of this glue will fix the components alternative to brazing or, welding. Its Permanent 4500 PSI durability allows filling gaps without camping. Thus creates a strong durable bond that will not shrink or crack easily.

With resistance to water and solvent, this is an easy-to-use adhesive. Following this, it has an expedient solution to a wide range of recommended indoor/outdoor applications. As such you might use it for – sealing of welded seams, assembling metal pieces, filling cracks, bonding, and mounting.

For the versatility of repairing utilization, it has been introduced as a multi metal-epoxy. Because it persistently works on – steel, copper, aluminum, iron, cast, brass, chrome, and stainless steel.

More interestingly, this glue sets quite fast in just 4 minutes. Also, it has 10-minute of fixture time and requires 24 hours to cure completely. When cured, this dark grey heat preventive glue is impact resistant that can be drilled, filed, sanded or even threaded.

It comes in an automatic dispense controlling dual syringes – one with resin, the other one with hardener. Syringe distributes the power equally on both tubes to control 1:1 mixing ratio.

Note that!

Epoxies are NOT an alternative to super glue. In fact, these are more likely to be used for structural repairs where bonding stability is a key consideration.

Features at a glance:
  1. Heat resistant -60 ⁰F to 300 ⁰F
  2. Multi-metal applications
  3. Dark grey in color
  4. Impact-resistant
  5. 4500 PSI endurance
  6. Equal dispense control with Dual-Syringe
  7. Indoor and outdoor applications
  8. Can be exposed to water & solvent
  9. Sets in 4 minutes & 24 hours full curing

Things to consider: This epoxy is not all-purpose and more specifically NOT RECOMMENDED for bonding metal to glass.


10. Permatex 25909 Liquid Metal Filler, 3.5 oz.

Permatex 25909 has outstanding adhesion to materials that are galvanized to prevent rust and corrosion. Being versatile, this glue also allows you to apply on metal to wood or, concrete surfaces for a strong long-lasting bond.

Its 4500 PSI bonding strength allows metal-tough setting in just about 4 minutes without clamping. Once fully cured, it becomes an alternative to brazing or, welding the materials. At the intact cured stage, the Permatex Filler adhesive is resistant to gasoline, solvent, and oils. Moreover, it can withstand water-exposure and tough weather conditions(hot and cold).


This liquid filler is paintable that is easy to use and appears in a dark grey color. Suggested for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications. As such use it on – door panels, cast metals, stake bed holes, oil pans, and automotive working projects.

And it will repair the cracks, leaks, and perforations thoroughly that will withstand harsh weather conditions without shrinking. As such, its the bonding it creates can be painted, sanded, drilled, and even filed.

With Its tested and accurate formulas, customer’s contentment is guaranteed. So, let’s head over to test it out today!!!

Features at a glance:
  1. Heat resistant -60 ⁰F to 300 ⁰F
  2. Versatile & Paintable
  3. Dark grey in color
  4. Resistant to oil & gasoline
  5. Resistant to tough-weather
  6. 4500 PSI bonding stability
  7. Indoor and outdoor uses
  8. Water & solvent exposure allowed
  9. Sets in 4 minutes & 24 hours full curing

Things to consider: For repairing projects, “Permatex 84109 Epoxy adhesive” (Number 3) is comparatively better than this liquid metal filler.


Benefits of Using Metal Glues

There are quite a number of traditional assembly options that were being used for bonding different materials. However, times have now changed and you can use glue, epoxy-putty or, adhesives to assemble pieces as an alternative to brazing or, welding.

These adhesives are safe and easy to use for bonding different types of materials. Although each product has its own characteristics, still they are all same at a common point. So basically, they repair the broken or, joining components.

But let me reveal a global chart of features that metal glues possess, in generic view:

  1. Weather-resistant -40 ⁰F to 300 ⁰F
  2. Waterproof/water resistant
  3. Paintable & available in different colors
  4. Resistant to oil, gasoline, and solvent
  5. Versatile applications
  6. Food and drinking water safe
  7. Have trusted bonding strengths
  8. Indoor & outdoor surface application
  9. Fast/slow setting and curing time
  10. Comes as single tube/two-part epoxy
  11. Ultra control with a gel formula
  12. Made in the USA, Certified by NSF
  13. Resists Sunlight/UV, and abrasion
  14. Some have Extra-long tip for critical surface application
  15. Some have Nozzle with an anti-clog pin cap for repeated use
  16. Some glues can Withstand impact, shock, and vibration
  17. Few have a side-squeeze design for perfect dispense control
  18. Some have Ultra-gel control that stops dripping off
  19. Some doesn’t require clamping
  20. A few types of glue can be drilled, filed, tapped, shaped, sanded or, threaded
  21. And some has durable Rubberized formula

Now, if you know what features you are looking for, make sure to create a checklist by selecting your expected features from the list above. And thus find your best match from the top 10 products that I have reviewed above.

From the features chart, you might already have got what benefits you can achieve with metal glues. But to be specific let me mention a few more points that I have for you:

  1. The glues will distribute the loads in an even manner, all across the bond line, unlike mechanical fasteners
  2. This eliminates the need to drill or punch holes on the surface for welding
  3. Metal glues have a better finish, leaving you with great aesthetics
  4. They come with superior heat and chemical resistance
  5. You can bond different types of substrates
  6. Toughened to resist impact and vibration
  7. There is minimal shrinkage, once cured
  8. Deliver strong and durable bonds
  9. Protects surfaces from corrosion

These are some of the main benefits that you stand to gain when you find the right glue for your needs.


Metal Glue Buying Guide

With my detailed reviews on various types, you might be wondering which metal glue would be your “stuff gentleman”. Well, there are a couple of things that you should bear in mind when shopping for glue and some of the major factors are:

  1. Setting and Curing Time:
    The first thing to check is the bond time, which refers to the time it takes for the adhesive to set and cure. For fast setting glues, there’s no room for mistakes. Whereas, you get a lot of time to reposition your metal pieces for slower setting glues. NOTE that slower setting doesn’t mean to less bonding power; rather it’s just the product itself.
  2. Resistance Capacity & weather:
    What type of environment will the project be exposed to? You need to ensure that the glue is resistant to the Indoor & outdoor environmental components such as – water, sun, temperature (hot/cold), solvent, oils, gasoline, grease, humidity and even chemicals.
  3. Size of Packages:
    First, quantify the size of the project so you can order the right size with a sufficient amount of glue. With this in mind, it would be easier to estimate the cost implication. Pay attention to ensure that the quality is never compromised for a lower price. Going for a low-quality adhesive means that the bond will be poor and this makes it a safety hazard.

  4. Types of Glues:
    First, let me mention a few major types of glues, in short:

    1. PAINTABLE; can be painted over once dries.
    2. NON-PAINTABLE; can’t be painted over.
    3. SINGLE TUBE GLUES; Ready to use super glue.
    4. DUAL TUBE or, SYRINGES; Hardener & resin separated.
    5. MULTI-METAL GLUES; Works on various metal surfaces.
    6. MULTI-MATERIAL GLUES; Not only for metals.
    7. FOOD SAFE GLUES; Safe to use in places in contact with food & water.
    8. NOT FOOD SAFE GLUES; Contain chemicals poisonous to food.

    While the single tube glues are ready to use; there are some glues that come as two-parts (Dual tube or, Syringes). And two-part glues have to be mixed together before using, that might seem to be a pain for some DIYers. A few types of two-part glues have an equal dispensing syringe for controlling the perfect mixing ratio while others don’t. Besides, glues with an applicator make the whole process much easier and convenient. So, keeping these things in your mind, pick the one that fits you best.

  5. Versatility:
    A good number of glues are usable on different types of materials. As such you can use them for bonding – metal to glass, wood, concrete, plastic, etc. However, a few types of glue are more specific and confined to be chosen for only one specific surface.

  6. Capability to withstand:
    With the endurance to withstand impact, shock, abrasion, and vibration, some glues will create industrial strength bonding that can be drilled, filed, tapped, shaped, sanded or, threaded.

  7. Ease of use:
    Single tube glues with a side-squeeze design & an applicator, are super easy to use and maintain. However, walking an extra few steps for two-part epoxies might bring you some special benefits for certain applications.

When shopping a glue, you should think of the end result and its effectiveness. Pick an adhesive that will give you a reliable and strong finish, which does not expose you to any danger. With this comprehensive glue buying guide, I believe it should be easier to pick the right one for you.


How to glue metal to metal, wood, plastic, glass, etc?

This is a well-planned metal glue user guide that will give you a clear conception of what you are going to do. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, the only way that adhesive glues will work neatly, is when they are used correctly.

And in this section, I will give you an elaborative view on how to use metal glues properly and how to bond pieces together without welding, in order to achieve maximum success:

Step 1: Choosing the Right Glue

This is the first and foremost thing to consider. As such, a lack of choosing the right glue will bring you to a low-quality and depressing ending. Depending on the project at hand, make sure to pick your perfect matching metal glue and read the package size twice.

Step 2: Clean Surfaces Well

Required components:
1. Coarse sandpaper
2. Rubbing alcohol/detergent/degreaser

For enhanced adhesion use coarse metal sandpaper or, any abrasives to smooth out both pieces. And this will make it easier to form a long-lasting bond. Then clean & dry the metal pieces that are to be bonded, of any dirt, grease, oil, paint, rust or debris. Hence, rubbing alcohol would work like a charm. But you might also find detergent and degreaser useful enough.

Step 3: Prepare the Glue

Ready to use single bottle glues are already prepared. But I am talking about the two-epoxies that are needed to be prepared by mixing the resin and hardener together. Hence, follow these steps:

1. Cut the dual syringe tip, pointing upward.
2. Squeeze-out air from both syringes to secure an equal allocation.
3. Automatic ratio control glues should dispense 1:1 proportion.
4. Hand-mixable epoxies are safe to mix with hands.
5. But for others, mix them on a disposable, clean & contained surface.
6. To achieve a uniform mixture, spend at least 20 seconds.
7. For a few adhesives, the resin and hardener mixture will produce heat; hence AVOID mixing them in containers that can’t resist heat. 

Step 4: Apply the Glue

With the surfaces clean, it is now time to apply the adhesive. Since each glue is different, it is advisable to follow the instructions that your manufacturer has provided. For instance – it is said that Gorilla epoxy mixture gets thicken and loses its bonding power the longer you keep it unused.

Epoxy glues take a bit longer time to set in place and you will get enough time to make a few adjustments on the bond. Superglue, on the other hand, is an instant adhesive and takes a few seconds for the setting. As such, there is a minimal margin for error and you would have to be extremely careful. To avoid any unexpected spilling, secure your project area. Then, apply the glue directly on both surfaces in an even coat, extruded shape or weld bead as needed for your project.

During the application, it is advisable to ensure that you are in a good air circulated area and avoid spillage. The fumes from most adhesives are harmful and should be avoided.

Step 5: Clamp the Metals

Quite a large number of manufacturers claim that their glues do not require clamping to form a strong bond. However, just to be safe and achieve maximum bonding endurance, once the glue has set; it is advisable to apply some pressure so as to get a stronger and long-lasting bond.

Clamp the metal pieces together to allow the chemicals to bond and leave untouched during the curing process.

Step 6: Final Cleanup

Required components:
1. Acetone/Nail polish remover/Isopropyl alcohol
2. Cloth or, Paper tissue

To clean up excess glue around, you can use Acetone/Nail polish remover/Isopropyl alcohol or, even make use of any citrus-based solvents before it starts to cure. Then rub off using a cloth or, a general-purpose paper tissue. It is advised to use hand-gloves to protect your hands. But in case if you forgot that and your hands need cleaning, you might use orange based hand cleaners or, simply use soap & water.

Finally, anointing a skinny layer of petroleum jelly on the nozzle threads would make the cap removal easier for the next time use.

With these simple steps, you should be able to glue metal to metal pieces or to any other dissimilar surfaces. However, always remember that this is a general guide and there are different adhesives on the market. It is advisable to follow the manufacturers’ instructions so as to get a perfect ending of your project.

Also, make sure to read the user manual of your product for more information about caution, precaution, warning, first aid, etc.


Conclusion: In the earlier period, there was no option of gluing two metal pieces together. That’s why the mechanical fasteners were known to be the only available option. Welding and soldering were also considered to be a reliable way of joining different pieces. But these methods are somewhat slower and tough processes that can’t be done by a DIYer with no toolbox and welding equipment.

Fortunately, the industry has become advanced and now you can easily glue metal pieces using powerful adhesives.

Most of the glues have an extensible strength that is even higher than solder and welding rods. And, to be able to get the most out of the adhesives, you will need to find the best metal glue for your project. With this guide, it should be easier as you will not only find the glue but also be able to use it in the right manner.


Questions & Answers

1. Question: What is Gorilla Glue for? Where can I use it?

Answer: Gorilla Glue is a general-purpose glue, which can be used for bonding different materials. This can be used for similar as well as dissimilar surfaces and create a durable and strong bonding.

2. Question: Which glue is best for binding metal to wood?

Answer: The glue that I would suggest for this matter it would be the Gorilla 2 Part Epoxy Glue. This one forms a superior bond and will last for a long time. That can also be used to bond metal to glass, plastic, ceramic, etc.

3. Question: Can hot glue be used on metal?

Answer: Hot glue is one of the most versatile adhesives on the market and can be used on various substrates, including metals.

4. Question: Does glue melt Styrofoam?

Answer: If you use hot glue, it can melt or even burn Styrofoam and this can emit toxic fumes. Using hot glue guns will give you great precision when attaching Styrofoam.

5. Question: What kind of glue is heat resistant?

Answer: You will find lots of heat resistant glues. Such as – metal epoxy, durable instant adhesives are heat resistant and will be able to withstand high temperatures.

6. Question: How does CA glue work?

Answer: CA stands for Cyanoacrylate, which is a resin made of acrylic. Its mixture will harden forming a strong bond, in a matter of seconds. This is ideal for sticking various items.

7. Question: How long does it take for hot glue to set?

Answer: Hot glue solidifies in a matter of seconds. As such, it hardly gives you room to make any adjustments. You would have to be keen when applying it.

8. Question: How can you make glue dry faster?

Answer: The only way to make glue dry faster is by using it in a favorable environment. However, it is not advisable to speed up the curing process as this may end up compromising the strength of the bond.

9. Question: What is the epoxy glue used for?

Answer: Epoxy glue comes as a 2-part glue; a hardener and resin. This is mixed before application and works excellent for metal surfaces. However, this is a multi-purpose glue that can be used on various other materials.

10. Question: Is metal Glue poisonous?

Answer: Metal glues are not poisonous rather some are called to be food and drinking water safe. But the fumes that are emitted can be harmful. As such, it is advisable to use the glue in well-ventilated areas.

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