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Baseboards primarily protect walls from kicks and scuffs. They offer a finished look and decorative trim to interior decoration. But the dirt from dust, everyday grime and mopping the floor eventually causes baseboards to look dirty and dull.

Dusting your baseboards every week usually keeps them looking good. Nevertheless, they may eventually require deeper cleaning with some commercial baseboard cleaners. So you can remove the heavier dirt build-up.

Removing dirt without damaging baseboards will prevent time-consuming refinishing and repairs in the future. But that’s where you should be looking for the best baseboard cleaners that are leading.

And it’s easier to end up professionally with the best baseboard cleaning tools.

However, with hundreds of baseboard cleaners in the market, choosing a suitable isn’t that simple. Luckily, in this article, I’ve included tons of value by reviewing the top 11 baseboard cleaners. Following up with this will help you decide to pick the best one for your needs.

So, let’s jump right into the explosion!!!


11 Best Baseboard Cleaner Reviews

Sadly, baseboards are some of the most neglected areas in the household. You will probably never notice your home’s baseboards unless you’re giving your home a do-over or when you drop something.

Baseboards can become very grimy if they’re left without being cleaned.

For this reason, you will definitely need to include baseboards in your cleaning routine. However, even though cleaning baseboards is a fairly simple task, be ready to move some of your furniture around.


1. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Original, Cleaning Pads with Durafoam, 9 Counts

These Magic eraser pads are manufactured by Mr. Clean. And they are certainly a great deal for cleaning baseboards in your home. Apart from cleaning baseboards, you might also use these pads to clean the walls, doors, or even shoes among various other surfaces.

Moreover, they can remove scuffs, crayon, and grease from appliances, floors, and walls. These scrubbers are 2X powerful than other blech containing spray solutions. Due to the presence of durafoam in it, cleaning your baseboards has gone super easy.

Another great thing is that the eraser sponges only require to add water for effective baseboard cleaning. Just wet the sponge with water, squeeze it, and wipe your baseboard.

That simple!

This is particularly great for anyone who doesn’t prefer toxic chemical fumes, back pain, or endless scrubbing. Moreover, these unique eraser sponges effortless cuts through ‘permanent marks’, grease and soap scum.

For that reason, you can either use them in your bathrooms, shower, kitchen, doors, car, sink and doors among others.

“Mr. Clean Magic Eraser” is also dedicated to ensuring the users of this product are completely satisfied. This is indicated by the fact that they are concerned of producing quality products.

Features to note:
  1. Made with durafoam
  2. Multi-purpose cleaner
  3. Doesn’t include harsh chemicals
  4. The pack comes with 9 eraser sponges
  5. Only require water to activate
  6. 2X powerful scrubber

Final thoughts: Avoid using for high gloss/finished surfaces. This product is not recommended to use with your household cleaners.


2. Baseboard Buddy – Best Baseboard & Molding Cleaning Tool!

Baseboard Buddy provides a fast and simple way of cleaning your molding and baseboards. It’s coupled with a flex head design that conforms to your molding and baseboards without chipping or scratching the paint.

Moreover, the 360° swivel action makes it easy to clean baseboards from any angle.

The collapsible extension handle allows you to reach places that are hard to reach and offers convenient storage. The handle is made with lightweight heavy-duty aluminum material.

One other thing about the handle is that it can be adjusted from 4.1 to 5.9 feet.

This lengthy handle enables you to easily reach tough areas behind appliances, furniture and fixtures like toilets. The package comes with three reusable pads and one extendable Baseboard buddy microfiber duster in every box.

It’s also worth noting that each cleaning pad measures 4 by 4 inches.

Baseboard Buddy has a plastic head and lightweight design that enables you to clean molding and baseboards conveniently. This will indeed help to save your shoulders, back and knees since it eliminates stretching and bending when cleaning baseboards.

You can either use this cleaner dry or wet.

It has textured fibers that lock and trap dirt. You simply need to rinse the cleaning pad and reuse it. Microfiber pads have the ability to tackle various surfaces that they can reach like fireplace mantles, banisters, and chair rails.

Features to note:
  1. 3 reusable cleaning pads
  2. Collapsible extension handle
  3. 360° swivel action at the cleaning head
  4. Can be used dry or wet
  5. Contoured head design

Final thoughts: Baseboard Buddy provides you with the ability to clean moldings and baseboards while standing. Nevertheless, although it seems to work for most users, its efficiency may be affected by carpet and baseboard styles.


3. Extra Durable Melamine Magic Cleaning Eraser Sponge

Extra durable eraser sponges have a blue-colored and stable middle layer which deters crumbling and softening. In addition, it has an S-shaped (Conjured) grip as well as a textured surface.

“SCRUBIT” extra-durable eraser sponges have been designed to provide long-lasting baseboard cleaning power. They have a unique three-layer wave design. Moreover, they’re made with extra dense premium quality melamine foam.

These eraser sponges conveniently lift away grime and scuffs all the time.

The pack of these sponges comes with 25 eraser sponges. Therefore, as the name suggests, these eraser sponges are extremely durable. Similar to Extra Large eraser sponges, all you need to do is only add water to clean the baseboards.

This eliminates the need to include abrasive and corrosive chemicals as they provide an effective and gentle cleaning solution. You only need to wet the sponge using water, squeeze it, and wipe the baseboard.

With that said, the sponges are multi-purpose cleaner and effortlessly cuts through soap scum, ‘permanent marks’, and grease. And the cleaning will speed up 3 times with the power of melamine foam. Consequently, it’s a chemical-free cleaning solution, trusted by most professional cleaners since they’re extremely affordable.

In fine, I would say that it’s a must-have for every homeowner.

Features to note:
  1. Include 25 eraser sponges
  2. Unique three-layer wave design
  3. It has a blue colored stable middle layer
  4. Only needs water to clean
  5. Textured surface and S-shaped (conjured) grip

Final thoughts: The fact that SCRUBIT offers a 100% refund guarantee to the unsatisfied users, indicates how effective this cleaner is!


4. Nano Heavy Duty Household Cleaning Sponges

This Nano Sponges scrubber and sponges is specifically designed for cleaning grime and grease without collecting food bacteria and odors. The sponge tends to smell fresher for a long duration.

Actually, you can simply put it in the dishwasher, microwave or laundry instead of replacing it every 2 weeks. Nano Sponge is more of a large pillow that has a rough side and a soft side.

As a matter of fact, the sponge is made from 2 unique weaves of Nanolon fiber.

Nanolon fiber helps to reduce the toxic cleaning petrochemicals in your home, thus enabling you to breathe much easier. Furthermore, they can reduce chemical-related allergies and sensitivities.

One side is used from scrubbing while the other side wipes away and absorbs.

Its soft side has been matted while its rough side has a gentle stain. The scrubbing side can be used to scrub any surface clean and it’s extremely durable. These sponges are super durable and can even last up to 50 times more than the cheap disposable sponges.

Nevertheless, this sponge does not scratch.

Nano sponges tend to lift grime, grease, and dirt like a magnet. It can also pull up fats, chemicals, and oils. The sponge is ideal for cleaning bathroom glasses, kitchens, baseboards, stainless steel and glasses among other surfaces.

Additionally, Nano sponge is oversized and covers a large surface area since it measures 4 by 6 inches. This ensures that you clean large pans, pots or counters with ease.

Features to note:
  1. Large surface area
  2. Multi-surface cleaning sponges
  3. Available in two different package sizes
  4. Made with 2 unique weaves of Nanolon fiber
  5. Stays fresh and odor-free for about 30 days

Final thoughts: One really great thing with this sponge is that you don’t have to use soap when cleaning with it. Instead, you can only use water, especially for the basic stains.


5. Magic Wonder Sponge for Baseboards Dust Removal

This Magic Wonder Sponge removes dirt and dust in places that are hard to reach instantly. The sponge is reusable and has the ability to clean dust, soot or soil and wipes everything clean without leaving residues.

You should only use the sponge dry and it doesn’t require water to clean.

Actually, the sponge should only be used on dry surfaces. This sponge is considered to provide a better chemical-free and easy cleaning solution of high areas than rags and spray.

Additionally, Magic Wonder sponge is entirely made with natural materials and it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients or fumes. For the purpose of re-using this sponge, clean it with water and soap and leave it to dry.

However, you should avoid storing it in direct sunlight or near any other source of heat.

The sponge is versatile, phosphate-free and it’s ideal for cleaning lampshade, blinds, air vents and ceiling fans. Moreover, it is great for several other surfaces like baseboards, window screens, auto interiors, heat registers, and appliances.

This sponge is specially formulated to leave a transparent coating on the cleaned surfaces. That coating will in return repel water, fingerprints as well as dirt, thus helping the cleaned surfaces to resist stains.

Features to note:
  1. Made in the USA
  2. Phosphate-free baseboard cleaner
  3. Entirely made with natural ingredients
  4. Removes dirt and dust from hard to reach surfaces instantly
  5.  Re-usable cleaning sponge
  6. Leaves no residue

Final Thoughts: Although this Magic Wonder sponge has an impressive texture, it has a sturdy rubber-like smell. However, apart from the strong odor, the sponge is very effective in cleaning various surfaces.


6. The Simple Scrub Cleaning Pads for Dusting Baseboards

These cleaning pads from The Simple Scrub are ideal for showers and tubs. Correspondingly, they are reusable and replaceable. They are also easy to clean, mainly due to the fact that they’re machine washable.

These pads will ensure your fingers, knees, and back are safe. Especially if you use this Simple Scrub Cleaner.

Meanwhile, the entire cleaning process will consume less time and there will be an increase in the overall cleaning efficiency. One thing that you should really remember is that these cleaning pads are specifically made for The Simple Scrub Cleaner.

The cleaning pad is ideal for drying mirrors, shower, windows as well as the bathtub.

In addition, they can be used to wash SUVs, trucks, and cars in areas that are hard to reach. The package comes included with two cloth pads which can either be used for dusting or drying.

One cloth pad has a smooth surface while the other has a rough surface.

The rough cleaning surface is ideal for deep cleaning tasks without having to bend over. These cleaning pads hold strongly on the Simple Scrub Cleaner tool during use. They are also effective and safe for shining vent hoods and dusting baseboards as well as floors.

Features to note:
  1. Reusable and replaceable
  2. Machine washable
  3. Multi-purpose applications
  4. Comes with two cloth pads

Final thoughts: These cleaning pads have been designed to keep you off your knees and hands while cleaning various surfaces. Moreover, they’ll keep you from any harmful fumes found in cleaning supplies.


7. Mini Venetian Dusting Baseboard & Household Cleaner Tool

The Mini Venetian Cleaner tool by Hazyline has a hand-designed shape that increases its grip to the hand. Moreover, this cleaner tool is made up of 7 washable and detachable cleaning rollers.

Once the roller gets dirty, twist it so as to expose the new cleaning surface. However, if it’s completely soiled, you can detach and wash it with warm water and mild soap. Additionally, the cotton bristles of this cleaner are machine washable.

Mini Venetian brush cleaner will help you to save time.

This is mainly because the handheld 7 shaped magic blind has the ability to clean 6 blinds concurrently. Furthermore, the hand-shaped design makes the brush easy to control as it increases the grip of the cleaner in your hands.

This also indicates that the cleaner has an ergonomic design.

It’s ideal for cleaning blinds and it measures 6.3 by 5.3 inches. Apart from being washable and having a lightweight design, this cleaner is rust-proof and it isn’t easy to damage. For instance, you can use it as awnings, air conditioner blinds, window blinds or vertical blinds.

Additionally, you can utilize it for office and household purposes as well as window cleaning and air conditioning.

Features to note:
  1. Hand-designed 7 shaped handle
  2. Measures 6.3 by 5.3 inches
  3. Comes with 2 cleaner tools
  4. Each cleaner tool has 7 removable and washable rollers

Final thoughts: Despite the fact that this cleaner is relatively new in the market, it’s effective and convenient in cleaning most kinds of blinds.


8. Flexible Cleaning Brush for Baseboards

Bhobo is a company based in Belgium that has been manufacturing dusters and wire brushes since its establishment in 1944. Some brushes made by this company include ceiling brushes, bottle brushes, dusting brushes, wheel brushes and radiator brushes among others.

These brushes are made using natural fibers like horsehair or goat hair as well as boar bristle.
Bhobo brush recently released this 64 cm (25 inches) flexible cleaning brush.

The brush has a flexible base which allows bending when you’re brushing.

This eliminates the challenge of having to tilt your arm and wrist while brushing. Apart from eliminating your struggles when cleaning, this brush also enhances the coverage area. It can be used effectively in any area that is hard to reach.

You can freely bend this cleaner and it doesn’t leave any residues.

This cleaning brush is designed for performing various tasks such as cleaning refrigerators, baseboards, and dryers. The length of the brush compartment is 14 inches while its width is 2.5 inches.

In addition, the brush compartment is made with long-lasting Nylon bristle. Moreover, it can help to prevent fire disasters by removing dust and lint in appliances.

Features to note:
  1. Made in Belgium
  2. The brush is flexible
  3. Long-lasting nylon bristles
  4. The entire brush is 64 cm long

Final thoughts: Bhobo brush has manufactured more than 200 kinds of brushes for industrial and household applications since its establishment. This indicates that it’s a reputable firm that produces high-quality products and this flexible cleaning brush is no exception.


9. Baseboard Buddy – Microfiber Replacement 10x Refill Pads

These Baseboard Buddy replacement cleaning pads will keep your door moldings and baseboards spotless. They are reusable fabric cloths which are compatible with and easily attaches to the Baseboard Buddy cleaner.

One great thing with these cleaning pads is that they can be used dry or wet for convenient cleaning. However, using them dry is ideal for easy dirt removal or simple dusting. On the other hand, you can use them wet to make your moldings and baseboards look shiny and clean the stubborn dirt.

The package comes with 10 reusable cleaning pads with each measuring 4 by 4 inches.

These microfiber cleaner pads are ideal for both commercial and household uses. For instance, these microfiber pads have the ability to tackle various surfaces such as fireplace mantles, banisters, and chair rails.

They have textured fibers that lock in dirt and trap dust. In addition to being reusable, they are extremely easy to clean. You only need to clean them with mild detergent or soap, rinse and re-use.

Microfiber used in these cleaning pads is preferred due to its durability, superior absorption, and soft texture.

Features to note:
  1. 10 reusable and washable microfiber cleaning pads
  2. Compatible with the Baseboard Buddy cleaning tool
  3. Each pad measures 4 by 4 inches
  4. The pads are easy to clean

Final thoughts: Even though these cleaners are very effective in cleaning your baseboards, they’re only compatible with the Baseboard Buddy cleaning tool. This can be disappointing if you have a commercial baseboard cleaner from another brand.


10. Baseboard Buddy, Multi-Function Walk Extendable Microfiber Dust Cleaning Tool

There will be no need to scrub your baseboards on your knees and hands once you buy this cleaning brush.

Your only work will be to hold the handle and let this Baseboard Buddy do the rest. All you need to do with this cleaning brush is to hold the handle and leave its microfiber cleaning pads to clean the baseboards.

For this reason, you’ll realize that this cleaning brush is easy to use. This Baseboard Buddy Cleaning brush has a swivel head that allows you to buff trim and clean at any angle. Moreover, the telescopic handle can be adjusted to the right length. This enables you to clean your baseboards effortlessly without causing back pains by eliminating the need to bend down.

The maximum length of these cleaning brush is about 135 cm while the tube diameter is 2cm.

In addition, the brush measures 11 by 8 by 1.5 cm. Some of the materials used to make this cleaning brush include plastic, aluminum, and ultra-fine fiber mats. Another thing you should note about this cleaner is that the package only comes with 1 dust brush. It also includes a super soft pad that conforms to your trim’s shape, thus ensuring it cleans every surface completely.

It’s also worth noting that you can either use the pads wet or dry for thorough scrubbing or quick cleaning. You can use this brush to clean various surfaces such as ceiling trim, baseboards, and door molds.

Features to note:
  1. May be used wet or dry
  2. Telescopic handles that adjust for low or high places
  3. Microfiber cleaning pads that conform to the baseboards’ shape
  4. The flex head design enables the cleaning of the baseboard at all angles

Final thoughts: This Cleaning brush from Baseboard Buddy is a great and essential cleaning tool for any household. It’s ideal for every indoor hard floors and baseboard.


11. Microfiber Flexible Baseboard Mop

The mop head of microfiber flexible mop tends to bend on both sides so as to accommodate the corners. Moreover, it covers the entire baseboard in one simple swiveling and motion angling for ultimate efficiency.

It has an adjustable telescoping pole that extends from a length of 29.5 inches to 49 inches. This enables you to reach around and under furniture conveniently and makes it easier on your back.

It also allows you to reach the dusty cobwebs and ceiling fans.

There will be no need to get on your knees and hand while cleaning baseboards once you purchase this mop. It will also enable you to clean the baseboards effectively without using soap.

The soft pad of this microfiber mop attracts dust and dirt like a magnet.

In addition, the pad picks up pet hair and dust when dry and removes grease, spills and scuff marks when wet. The microfiber pad is removable thus making it easy to machine wash. Moreover, the microfiber pad measures 14.5 inches long by 3.5 inches wide.

It is made with 20 percent Polyamide and 80 percent polyester. However, it’s worth noting the replacements are sold separately and don’t come included with this mop.

Features to note:
  1. Adjustable telescoping pole
  2. The head bends when cleaning baseboards
  3. The microfiber pad is made with 20% polyamide and 80% polyester
  4. Removable machine-washable microfiber pad
  5. The pad measures 14.5 by 3.5 inches
  6. Can be used wet or dry

Final thoughts: The bending head makes this mop extremely effective in cleaning baseboards. Nevertheless, the mop is flimsy and may not be suitable for heavy-duty projects.


How to clean baseboards effectively

So, what’s the best way to clean baseboards?

As we previously stated, baseboards are some of the most neglected parts when cleaning the households. Unfortunately, baseboards are the most visible parts of your household.

Therefore, it’s good to include baseboards in your cleaning routine.

Cleaning baseboards can turn out to be a time consuming and tedious task. Nevertheless, they make the entire room appear cleaner once they’re done effectively. We, therefore, suggest that you keep your baseboards free from grime, stains, markings, and dust.

You can accomplish this by using some of the cleaning tools we’ve highlighted above. But, how do you clean your baseboards effectively? Well, in order to get an answer to that question, go through the step by step guide below.

1. Save the baseboards for last

First and foremost, ensure that you make cleaning your baseboards the last thing of your cleaning routine. This is mainly due to the fact that they catch grime that comes from cleaning other parts of your house. Hence, it is reasonable to wait until you are done cleaning the rest of your house.

2. Vacuum your baseboards

Grab a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment and a hose. Then go along the bottom and top crevice of the baseboards. This helps to eliminate most of the loose dirt and dust. Moreover, this will help you to concentrate on cleaning the tough grime.

3. Mix up the cleaning solution

After the loose grime has been removed, you can now start tackling your baseboards. You will need a bowl and sponge in this step. Mix up vinegar or dish soap with some warm water in the bowl.

4. Start scrubbing

When you’re done mixing the cleaning solution, use a sponge to start working on the baseboards. You will realize that some areas require more scrubbing as compared to others. An example of these areas is the kitchen where you’ll be dealing with drink and food spills.

5. Cover the tiny crevices

Use some cotton swabs for the tiny crevices where your baseboards meet with the floor. Dip the swabs in the cleaning solution and start swiping the dirt away.

6. Rub the baseboards using dryer sheets

Once you’re completely done with cleaning and scrubbing the baseboards, finish up with the dryer sheets. Take the dryer sheets and then rub them along your baseboards. This will leave your home smelling fresh and help your baseboards repel dust for some time. Alternatively, you can apply a new coat of paint or use a wax that is specifically designed for maintaining baseboards.


Different types of Commercial Baseboard Cleaners

There are various types of baseboards cleaning tools that every household should have. Different types of baseboard cleaners will ensure that you clean your baseboards efficiently and quickly. Some of the most common baseboard cleaning tools include:

  1. Scrub brush

    You can effectively clean the simple stains on your baseboards with a simple sponge or cloth. However, they are not ideal for cleaning tough stains. In that case, you’ll need to get a scrub brush that has a grip handle. This is mainly due to the fact that they are easier to hold.

    Apart from cleaning baseboards, you can also use scrub brushes to clean floors, sinks, and walls among other surfaces. We recommend that you look for the medium-sized brush that can clean the hard to reach areas perfectly.

  2. Microfiber cleaning cloths

    When cleaning the wall, you will not need anything fancy and sponges can be sufficient. Avoid using rough-surfaced pads or sponges since they may damage the paint on the walls. Hence consider if you want to clean the dirt on the walls? Or you want to clean the wall paint for a refinishing project?

    Some people prefer using microfiber mops so as to access higher areas. Nevertheless, this can be made even easier by using extension poles like the Docapole extension pole.

  3. Dustpan, mop, and broom

    This is extremely essential when cleaning baseboards. A broom helps when you’ve hard surfaces such as wood, tile, cork, and linoleum. On the other hand, mop and dustpan help to clean your household on time and efficiently.

  4. Sponge

    There are various types of sponges that are used to clean baseboards in the market. It is great to have a sponge around to keep your baseboards clean. This should particularly be something that has an abrasive side for tackling all grimy dirty surfaces.

    Alternatively, you can use sponge cloths. Sponges are characterized by the ability to absorb water and become soft when wet but still retains toughness.


Things to consider before buying baseboard cleaners

In a market with so many brands of baseboard cleaners, determining the right cleaner for your household can be confusing. However, the most essential fact that you should consider when choosing the best baseboard cleaner is to know your needs and your home.

Moreover, you should bear the following factors in mind:

  • Performance

    First and foremost, the baseboard cleaning tool should be economical and effective. Cleaning baseboards cab take a lot of time. Therefore, the selected cleaning tool should have a high standard and should be able to complete the job quickly. Moreover, cleaning tools that combine innovative features with their efficiency have a certain advantage.

  • Ease of use

    In addition to efficiency, the baseboard cleaner should be easy to use. This will help users to utilize the cleaning tool in the most cost-effective manner since they’re easy to understand. The popularity of microfiber cleaning cloths is continuously growing because of the cleaning ability and they’re reusable.

    Other than cost-effectiveness, the cleaner should have an ergonomic design. For instance, if you’ve back issued, choose a cleaner with a long and adjustable handle. This will help you to avoid bending down when cleaning the baseboards.

  • Cost-effectiveness

    This is another factor that you should really put into consideration before you buy a commercial baseboard cleaner. For instance, buying a cleaning tool that will serve multiple purposes will be cost-effective.

    This will help you to save money and storage space since you’ll use one cleaner to serve 2 cleaning purposes. You should also buy a baseboard cleaner that will fit your budget perfectly.


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